Sep 22, 2021

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In a recent radio interview with Voice of Israel, Rabbi Tuly Weisz from Israel365 explained the numerous connections between Friday’s total eclipse of the sun and the onset of a special Sabbath on the Jewish calendar.

Friday’s exceedingly rare solar eclipse over the North Pole, occurring on the Spring Equinox combined with a supermoon, will also take place just hours before the onset of the Sabbath in Israel and the beginning of the new Hebrew month of Nissan, the first month of the Biblical calendar.

This Sabbath is known in Hebrew as “Shabbat HaChodesh”, literally, the “Sabbath of the Month,” when three Torah scrolls are read from in synagogues as opposed to the normal one scroll.

Many significant events took place on the first of Nissan in the Bible, including the onset of the Plague of Darkness and the dedication of the Tabernacle exactly one year later. Rabbi Weisz and Rabbi Ari Abromowitz of “Israel Inspired Radio” discuss the connections between these Biblical events and the celestial trifecta occurring today.

LISTEN BELOW: Hints of the Eclipse in the Torah Portion

Turning Darkness into Light

Although the eclipse will only be partial in Israel, the excitement felt by some Jews in Jerusalem is total.

Gidon Ariel, co-founder of Root Source, will be leading a prayer service at the Western Wall as part of the Root Source’S “ #2Minofprayer campaign.” Followers all over the world will be joining Ariel’s live stream over the internet.

Ariel and his Root Source co-founder Bob O’Dell are calling Jews and Christians to join together to pray Isaiah 11:9 during the time of the solar eclipse.

“None will harm or destroy another on My entire holy mountain, for the land will be as full of the knowledge of the LORD as the sea is filled with water.” (Isaiah 11:9)