Mother and Daughter of Dead Islamic Leader Vow to Continue to Kill Jews

November 18, 2019

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Last Tuesday, the IDF killed Baha Abu Al-Ata, a senior commander for Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in a surgical airstrike. In a twisted version of mourning, Al-Ata’s mother vowed to strap on an explosive vest and his daughter lamented that the latest wave of PIJ rockets failed to kill any Jews.

PIJ responded to IDF’s by launching more than 450 rockets at Israel.  For many reasons, the Israeli government made careful considerations before the airstrike. Al-Ata was responsible for numerous rocket attacks against Israel and was known to be planning more strikes. Military operations are rarely neat and clean. Al-Ata’s wife was also killed in the IDF strike. Four of their children and a neighbor were also reportedly injured.

Kan 11 television aired a video statement made by Al Ata’s mother made on Saturday.

“In Operation Protective Edge in 2014, they also blew up our apartment but they warned us in advance,” Al-Ata’s mother said in the video. “What did Baha do? What did he do to them? He wasn’t afraid of anything. I call to the entire military branch of the Islamic Jihad; fire rockets at Tel Aviv. And if they don’t fire rockets at Tel Aviv, I will go there and blow myself up. I will blow up the Zionists. I will put an explosive vest on right now, today! I say to the [Hamas] opposition, just as Baha chased away Netanyahu, we must blow up Netanyahu’s home.”

She was referencing a rocket attack in September that targeted Ashkelon during a campaign speech Netanyahu was giving. Netanyahu was forced to flee the stage. 

“Allah willing, Netanyahu’s house should be destroyed,” she concluded.

Apparently, these terrorist tendencies are a dominant gene in the Al-Ata family. Sawaleif, a pro-Palestinian media, published an interview with Lyan, Al-Ata’s daughter. She related how he rarely slept at home because “the occupation” chased him (Author’s note: the term occupation refers to Israel even though Israel left Gaza in 2005, forcibly removing the 10,000 Jewish residents).

“Today was my birthday and he wanted to surprise me in the morning when I woke up by being at home,” Lyan said. “But he was martyred before I saw him and took my mother with him.”

Lian promised to continue her father’s path and ideology when she grows older, lamenting that the last round of rockets was not more effective.

“I never heard of Jewish deaths,” she lamented in the interview.


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