Pope Meets With Muslim Leader, Rabbi Says “Esau Sending Ishmael to Complete the Holocaust”

November 17, 2019

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A meeting between the Pope and an Egyptian, solidifying an agreement that sounds like the epitome of peaceful coexistence but which some experts believe hides an end-of-days Ishmael-Esau agenda.

The Meeting Intended to Unify All Religions

Pope Francis received the Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb of Al-Azhar of Egypt at the Vatican on Friday. The meeting was intended as the net step in actualizing the Document on the Human Brotherhood for World Peace and Common Living Together, a joint statement signed by the Pope and the Imam in February in Abu Dhabi intended to promote a “culture of mutual respect.”

The agreement between the two religious leaders was criticized for its stance on the diversity of religions.

“The fact that people are forced to adhere to a certain religion or culture must be rejected,” the document read. “As too the imposition of a cultural way of life that others do not accept.”

On one hand, this statement could be understood as an attempt to introduce tolerance for other religions into two religions, Islam and Catholicism, which both have supersessionism as a basic tenet. While members of other religions may see this as a praiseworthy effort, Catholics and Muslims have expressed concern that this agreement represents a commitment by the leaders to a process that is unacceptable. This is especially problematic for Islam which punishes apostasy with death.

William Kilpatrick, a professor at Boston College who writes about religious and cultural issues, was skeptical of the agreement. 

“it’s unlikely that the Muslim parties will stick to their end of the bargain”, he wrote upon its signing, noting that the document “seems to have been written almost entirely in Rome.”

“[The agreement is] geared to obfuscating the dangerous differences while emphasizing the surface similarities between Christianity and Islam”, Kilpatrick wrote. “This is not what Muslim converts want to hear from their pope….That the Pope seems to propose the Quran as a way of salvation, is that not cause for worry?”

Catholic Church Changing

The meeting at the Vatican comes at a time when traditional values in the Catholic Church are changing. Pope Francis has taken on a policy in which homosexuals are welcomed into the church so much so that the American LGBT magazine The Advocate named Pope Francis their Person of the Year for 2013. In 2019, Pope Francis stated that homosexual “tendencies are not a sin. If you have a tendency to anger, it’s not a sin. Now, if you are angry and hurt people, the sin is there.” He has frequently met with openly homosexual and transgender people.

Some Catholic Churches are taking this agenda even further. Catholic dioceses in the United Kingdom are reportedly hosting homosexual Masses designed to welcome homosexuals into the church and combine “gay pride” with the Eucharist and other Romish sacraments. According to reports, these pro-homosexuality events have received blessings from the local Roman Catholic bishops. It should be noted that these events welcome homosexuals into the Catholic Church while not advocating celibacy.

Pope Francis: Anti-Bible

Pope Francis has come under fire before for connecting the Catholic Church with the children of Ishmael. In 2015, 71 elders of the Sanhedrin tried the Pope in absentia for recognizing a “State of Palestine” with an official treaty. By doing so, the Sanhedrin claimed, the Pope was denying the covenant as described in the Bible in which God gives the land of Israel to the descendants of Jacob.

After the trial, Rabbi Daniel HaKohen Stavsky, an elder on the Sanhedrin, told Breaking Israel News that Israel must learn from the lessons of the Holocaust in order to protect the future of the state and the nation.

“They cannot forget or deny this, so the haters of Israel cannot allow themselves to do this again. Esau is sending Ishmael to kill us in a completion of the Holocaust,” he told Breaking Israel News. “They pray to idols and to death. They talk about human rights, which include the right to a homeland. But they don’t consider Jews to be humans, so we don’t have these rights. It is not just the land, but also the title of the Chosen People that they deny. They are stealing our body and our soul. They are against Israel because they cannot allow us to fulfill the prophecy of returning to the land.”

Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, who was tasked with defending Pope Francis at the trial has modified his opinion of the pontiff since the trial.

“A lot has changed since then,” Rabbi Hollander told Breaking Israel news. “This pope is not like previous Popes. He is from South America. He hid it at first but he is a socialist and that is his agenda.”

“This meeting between the Pope and the Imam is the Vatican abdicating to Islam. The Vatican has realized that they cannot convert the Muslims so they are announcing that they will no longer try. The Catholic Church would like the Muslims to reciprocate in kind but in truth, the Imam did nothing of the sort.”

“The Pope is not an antisemite,” Rabbi Hollander said, comparing him to the lamb described by Isaiah.

The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, The leopard lie down with the kid; The calf, the beast of prey, and the fatling together, With a little boy to herd them. Isaiah 11:6

“The pope sees himself as the prophesied lamb,” Rabbi Hollander said. “The Imam sees himself as a wolf but not in the sense of Isaiah.”

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, the spokesman for the Sanhedrin, noted that these recent developments illustrate that their conviction four years ago was a true judgment and rather than take the time to repent, the Pope has gone even further away from God.

“With both the Pope and the Imam, the truth is precisely the opposite of what they say,” Rabbi Weiss said to Breaking Israel News. “Islam claims to be the religion of peace but they have never had peace or even offered peace to another religion. The Pope claims to be a man of God but he is working precisely against every precept explicitly given in the Bible.” 

Plotting Against Jerusalem

The Grand Imam of al-Azhar is a prestigious Sunni Islam title and a prominent official title in Egypt. He is considered by some Muslims to be the highest authority in Sunni Islamic thought and Islamic jurisprudence. Appointed by former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He has been accused of being called for stopping the “Judaization of Jerusalem.” Contrary to the agreement he signed with Pope Francis, in 2016 el-Tayeb ruled that apostates must rejoin Islam or be killed.

At last week’s meeting, the Pope also received along with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ambassador of the Republic of Egypt to the Holy See, Mahmoud Samy and some personalities and representatives of the University of Al-Azhar and the Superior Committee.

Perhaps the only possibility that some semblance of sanctity would enter into the proceedings came from the introduction of Dr. Irina Georgieva Bokova as a member of the initiative. Dr. Bokova was Director-General of UNESCO in 2017 when the organization passed several resolutions denying any connection between Judaism and Jerusalem. Bokova was sharply criticized for comments she made contradicting these resolutions

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