New Campaign Demands: Jordan Disconnect from Temple Mount in Exchange for River Island

November 10, 2019

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An Israeli student organization called “Students for the Mount” wrote an appeal in Arabic to the Chairman of the Jordanian Parliament, Atef al-Tarawa, demanding that Amman adhere to the peace agreements with Israel signed in 1994, and abandon all of their demands relating to the Temple Mount.

As of Sunday, the enclave on the east side of the Jordan River, Nahariim (Peace Island) and Tzofar is now under the jurisdiction of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after 25 years of Israeli farmers cultivating the land in Naharayim and serving as an Israeli tourist site.

Ad reading: “We deferred Naharayim, now it’s time to kick Jordan out of Jerusalem!” (credit: Students for the Mount)

In 1994, as part of the peace accord with Jordan, the Israeli enclave achieved a unique status whereby Israel would recognize Jordan’s sovereignty on the site, while Jordan would recognize Israeli farmer’s rights to the land for 25 years. Regarding Naharayim, Israelis were considered to be the owners of the land.

In that same peace treaty with Jordan, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount was mentioned in the agreement saying “Israel respects the special role of Jordan’s Hashemite kingdom in Muslim holy places in Jerusalem. While conducting permanent status negotiations, Israel will give high priority to these historic Jordanian positions. “.

Students for the Temple Mount explain that these clauses make no room for any official role, control or intervention of Israel’s sovereign affairs on the Temple Mount.

Over the past several years, Jordan has intensified its efforts and has intervened in the Temple Mount, which, according to the movement, is a violation of the peace agreements and is void of any authority. Last August, following Arab riots on the Temple Mount on the 9th of Av, Jordan summoned reprimanded the Israeli ambassador, saying in an official statement that “the Temple Mount on all its 144 acres of land is a place of worship for Muslims only.”

The letter sent to the Jordanian parliament chairman in Amman says, among other things:”We, the people of the State of Israel, find now to be a good opportunity to remind you, the Jordanians, that during the last 25 years you have been demanding a foothold in the Temple Mount and in the heart of Jerusalem, to which you have no (direct) contact or control. Or sovereignty “…” We ask that you remove the Jordanian Waqf from the Temple Mount area and not interfere with the internal affairs of the State of Israel from now on, as we did not interfere in your unilateral decision on “Naharayim”.

At the same time, the movement called on Netanyahu to remove the Jordanian foothold from the Temple Mount saying: “While the Kingdom of Jordan unilaterally annexes the Naharayim enclaves, it’s time to make it clear to the Jordanians that their place is not in the Temple Mount. The Jordanian presence manages the Temple Mount through the Waqf, without any agreement or commitment by the State of Israel to do so.”

The movement added: “Just as the Kingdom of Jordan unilaterally annexes the enclaves and streams to it, it’s time to make it clear to Jordanians understand that their place is not in the Temple Mount, and they do not control it. It is time to take out the Jordanian presence that manages matters Temple Mount through the Waqf without any agreement or commitment by the State of Israel to do so. If they can, so can we. “

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