Professor Delivers Cryptic Message Revealing Identity of Israeli Prime Minister’s Real Killer

November 1, 2019

2 min read

At a rally organized by Netanyahu’s Likud party on Tuesday night, Bar Ilan professor Mordechai Keidar revealed in a cryptic message revealing the identity of former prime minister Yitzchak Rabin’s true assassin. Keidar told the audience who was there to support the Prime minister in his “trumped up charges” that the person who killed Rabin was not Yigal Amir as the official story goes but rather someone whose initials are ‘Y.R’ And in case anyone thought he was talking about a suicide, Keidar emphasized that it was “not Yitzchak Rabin.”

Mordechai Kedar (courtesy: Facebook)

After revealing this message, Keidar was summonsed to a disciplinary hearing at his university – Bar Ilan, for the statements that fly in the face of the official story. Yigal Amir has been convicted of Rabin’s murder and is currently serving a life sentence. Since the 1994 assassination, Amir has been held in solitary confinement adding fuel to conspiracy theories that the Israeli government wants to prevent him from telling people the truth about the murder.

After news broke out of the disciplinary hearing, thousands of Israelis and hundreds of students at Bar Ilan University came out in support by signing a petition backing Keidar who is considered by many to be the top Middle East expert worldwide. The university concluded that Keidar would not be allowed to represent Bar Ilan University from representing them at any conferences overseas.

Many Israelis have taken to social media to try to crack the code but so far, there has been no consensus on the killer’s identity. Meanwhile, physician Nachum Shachaf claims that it was his bodyguard, Yoram Rubin.

Yitzchak Rabin was the Prime Minister who signed Israel’s Oslo Accords, an agreement with the PLO that many on the right blame for the the more sophisticated terrorist attacks hat began from that point in time. The anniversary of his death is tomorrow and will feature a massive concert in Rabin Square, where the assassination took place.

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