Jewish Pilgrims Arrested on Temple Mount After Prostrating, Screaming “God is our Lord” [Watch]

October 30, 2019

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A group of five Jewish Israeli pilgrims entered the Temple Mount and decided to prostrate themselves and scream “Adon-i Hu Haelo-h-im” (God is the Lord) opposite the Holy of Holies. Once that happened, the police swooped in and escorted them off of the Mount and detained them.

Although praying in public spaces such as the Temple Mount is permitted according to Israeli law, the police still detain Jews who do so at their own discretion.

Attorney Nati Ram, from the pro=bono legal aid group Honenu, assisted  the detainees and said to Kipa: “In the 21st century, in a democratic country, Jews must not be arrested just for praying or communicating their religious sentiments. This is a disgrace and severe violation of human rights. In our capital city, Jews are not allowed to shut their eyes, pray to their Creator, express their sentiments. ”

Ram added: “I expect that human rights organizations and anyone who cares about our democracy will do everything in their power to provide Jews with the freedom of worship and freedom of expression in the capital – Jerusalem. There is a fundamental violation of basic human right values, of freedom of worship, of democracy. This continuous assault must be stopped at once. ”


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