Biblical Hebrew Is The Mother Of All Languages: Before And After The Tower of Babel

October 27, 2019

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The Bible teaches that all humans originally spoke the same language.

Everyone on earth had the same language and the same words. Genesis 11:1

Modern linguists have speculated that a single language that is the predecessor of all other human languages. Dr. Isaac E. Mozeson’s life’s work has been to document that this original language, the one first spoken in the Garden of Eden, is the source for all the world’s languages.

He named this proto-human language Edenics for its connection to the Garden of Eden. Not surprisingly, Edenics is very similar to Biblical Hebrew.

Assisted by his publisher James D. Long, Mozeson presented his work as part of a full-day seminar, sponsored by Yiboneh and held in Jerusalem last week. Their session was called “How The 70 Nations Were Speakers of Hidden Hebrew”.  Approximately 70 people attended the live seminar and more than 400 others have watched the video of the presentation.

Long explained, “Edenics is pre-Jewish. It goes back to Eden. Edenics is a 30 year-old science with a few related books published on the topic.”

Mozeson claims that Edenics is the “Semitic mother tongue” thatwas scrambled into 70 languages” 3,784 years ago, after the episode of the Tower of Babel. According to his theory, every human language today shares elements of Biblical Hebrew.

“One language program for Adam and Eve gets diversified into 70 language families,” Long explained.

During the presentation, Long quoted Mozeson’s work, “An Intelligent Designer made this original language system to be very versatile and to be spun off into all African, Asian, European and Native American languages. All human words are made up of seven letter sounds. Words from all languages are cognates and are related.”

In the seminar, the four global rules of Edenics and the seven groups of letter sounds shared by all human languages were introduced. Mozeson told Breaking Israel News that the fundamentals of Edenics can be taught in 30 minutes.

To see how this is applied to English, Mozeson presented a series of Hebrew words that are closely related to English words. In these few examples, note the similar letters and sounds that are capitalized.

BakeSH in Hebrew means to request or beg. This is similar to the English word BeseeCH.

DaRGa is the Hebrew word for a step or gradation. This is similar to the English word DeGRee.

TiKuN means to fix or repair in Hebrew. In English, TiNKer has a similar meaning, as does the related word TeCHNology. 

This is a small window into the application of Edenics, which Mozeson uses to support his claim that, “all languages are sourced back to the original Hebrew tongue.”

Originally toiling alone, Mozeson now has a team of researchers working “on several language families” besides English. They have already published a massive 2,100 page Edenics digital dictionary E-Word: tracing English and world words to the Semitic Mother Tongue attested in Biblical Hebrew.

Mozeson’s publisher James D. Long of Lightcatcher Books, explained his fascination with Edenics to Breaking Israel News.

“Historically and culturally, the study of Edenics provides a very satisfying answer to the questions we’ve all had about the Tower story: What was the ‘one speech’ possessed by humanity prior to Bavel (Babel)?

“The fact that Isaac has discovered thousands of words, from every language, that can be traced back to Hebraic roots is very strong evidence. Also, Edenics seems to confirm the Biblical account that there was a time humanity spoke a common language and that there was a confusion of the tongues and the dispersion of people to all parts of the globe.

“I first suspected this years ago when I saw the Hebrew word kohen (priest) and wondered why it sounded so much like the Polynesian word for a tribal priest, the kuhunah.”

Long, who describes himself as “a card-carrying Noahide” found his personal study of Edenics “expanded and enlarged my own understanding of the Hebrew in Tanach (Hebrew Bible) in a very profound way. It has demonstrated the richness and depth that can be conveyed in the most economical way via Hebrew.

“No wonder [Hebrew] was originally a required course at universities during the founding days of [the United States].  Hebrew was considered, in those days, the Mother of All Languages.”

Speaking to Breaking Israel News, Mozeson said, “The message of Edenics to gentiles is that you are hidden Hebrews. The language of our mutual ancestors is right there at the tip of our tongues.” He posts new word connections on his Facebook Timeline several times a week. 

In a related lesson about the weekly Torah portion that contains the story of the Tower of Babel, Rabbi Tuly Weisz, publisher of Breaking Israel News, wrote, “The ultimate purpose of the return of the Jewish people to the Land is to serve God and to correct the sin of Babel, and to speak the one ‘language of purity,’ Hebrew. And in these days of redemption, not just the Jews, but all the people of the world will learn the Hebrew language.”

With Mozeson’s Edenics curriculum, that prophecy appears to be closer to being fulfilled today than anyone might have imagined.

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