Ben Shapiro Calls for Building House of Worship on Temple Mount

October 24, 2019

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Reflecting on his visit to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Jewish conservative pundit Ben Shapiro took to his podcast, the Ben Shapiro Show on Wednesday saying:

it is absurd that you are not allowed to openly pray up there. They should obviously be allowed to openly pray up there. Muslims not only are allowed to openly pray up there, they have a Dome of the rock and a mosque up there. In fact, I think there’s a strong case to be made that Jews should be building, if they can’t build the temple, because there’s the Dome of the rock right there. They should at least build a synagogue up there so you can have regularized prayers. If Muslims are able to build a school on one end which they have done, it seems to me the Jews should be able to build a synagogue in a space that is roughly the size of three football fields

Breaking Israel News reported on Shapiro’s ascent to the Temple Mount where he prayed and was part of a group that was rushed off the site by the Israeli police. Regarding the misconception that the Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site, Shapiro added:

It is enormous but it was definitely a pretty incredible experience. And the Kotel, the Western Wall, which everybody always says the holiest site in Judaism – that’s because they don’t how they’re talking about. They’re getting it wrong. The holiest site in Judaism is the stuff that is above the Western Wall. The Western Wall isn’t even one of the original walls of the of the temple. It is an outer retaining wall that was outside the walls of the temple.
Speaking of the significance of the site, Shapiro noted:
The site’s incredible. If you’re ever in Jerusalem and you have a chance to visit it you certainly should. It’s the holiest site in Judaism. It is allegedly the third holiest site in Islam. I believe – I mean – I’m not in Islamic scholar so I’m really not sure but I think they say it’s the third holiest site in Islam. And if you want to see where Jesus walked, this is obviously one of the places where Jesus walked so it’s a very very holy site. 
At the 51:00 mark, Shapiro can be heard reflecting on his ascent to the Temple Mount:

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