Trump’s Syria Pullout: Great for Israel says Jerusalem’s Top Middle-East Expert

October 14, 2019

2 min read

While many in the pro-Israel community have been decrying President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops in northern Syria to make way for a Turkish invasion, Guy Bechor, one of Israel’s most respected Middle East experts says that ironically, Israel stands to benefit significantly from the move in an interview on Channel 13’s Morning Show.

In the interview, Dr. Bechor argues that most pundits in Israel don’t understand what’s really going on regarding the whole Trump/Kurd saga and that many of them are biased because they hate President Trump. “If Erdogan would have invaded Syria and killed US troops, they would have said that he dragged the US into an unnecessary war” Bechor explains “He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t”.

Bechor then went on to explain that the balance of power between Sunni states like Turkey has been offset by Shiite powers like Iran. “But what Trump did was impose sanctions to weaken Iran, thus weakening the Shiites. However, there is no one to fight on the ground to stop those same Shiites. Then Erdogan told Trump that he is entering Syria as a Sunni power and to send thousands of Sunni soldiers inside.”

Those troops he noted, are the Turkish backed Syrian Rebels. 

This presented a great opportunity for Trump Bechor added. That’s because the decision to withdraw troops in Syria kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, Trump is “evacuating the US troops, which was (Trump’s) campaign promise. I am also injecting a Sunni force into Syria that will challenge (Syria’s Shiite affiliated leader) Assad.”

And since Syria is Iran’s client state Iran is very concerned by the move noted Bechor adding that the Islamic Republic even announced that they will fight Erdogan’s forces. 

This means that Iranian proxies like Hezbollah are going to have to refocus their efforts to fight Turkey’s Sunni forces in the North which is “good for Israel” he explained. 

Regarding the Kurds, Bechor reminded the show’s host, Avri Gilad, that the Kurds in northern Syria are currently colluding with Assad and that the Kurds always flee when the going get tough. 

“As Napoleon once said: ‘Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.’. Why get interfere?” he concluded.


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