In Front of UN, Abbas Threatens Holy War Against Israel

September 26, 2019

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After thanking UN bots for blindly siding with ‘Palestinians’, PA chairman Abu Mazen took to the podium and warned that Israel is: “denying worshipers access to the holy places” saying “I caution against these policies and reckless measures which will lead to dangerous consequences…the result will be a religious war.”

He then committed to paying terrorist salaries no matter how broke he becomes adding: “we salute our honorable martyrs courageous prisoners and wounded heroes we salute their resilient families. we will protect your rights regardless of the cost” adding “even if I only have one penny left I will give this penny to the families of the martyrs to our prisoners and heroes.”

Blasting Israel’s attempt to stop him from paying terrorist salaries, the PA chairman decried the act claiming that Israel is: “deepening the suffering of our people and preventing us from fulfilling our financial obligations towards them

Oddly, in the same speech, he facetiously challenged the United Nations for an explanation as to why ‘Palestine’ doesn’t enjoy full member status saying: “give me just one reason why we do not deserve to be a full member of the United Nations”. He continued saying that “the international law that we have accepted and held firm to and the peace that we strive for are now severely endangered.”
Evoking the Grand Mufti’s incitement speeches and blood libels against Jews during the British Mandate, Abu Mazen claimed that Israel:”attempts to violate the sanctity of the holy al-aqsa mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre” although provided no evidence to back up this claim.
Describing Trump’s embassy move as a criminal offense, the chairman said that “the US administration has even undertaken extremely aggressive and unlawful measures declaring Jerusalem as the so called capital of Israel and moving its embassy there.”
Finally, regarding the fact that he hasn’t held an election since 2006, Abbas, in a highly creative fashion, blamed Hamas as his excuse for not having elections in over a decade saying: “we have conducted general elections in 1996 2005 and 2006 however they stopped and they were paralyzed by the coup by Hamas in 2007 since 2007.”

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