Al Qaeda Calls for Universal Muslim Jihad Against US, Israel, and “Non-Jewish Zionists” on Anniversary of 9-11

September 13, 2019

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Al-Sahab, the media arm of Al-Qaeda, released a video on Sept. 11, 2019, in which the group’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, urged attacks against Israeli, U.S., European and Russian interests worldwide.

In the video, which was posted on Al-Sahab’s official Telegram channel, al-Zawahiri accused Iran of partnering with the United States in its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, and praised the Taliban, saying they had drained the U.S. “which sought to negotiate with the Taliban to get out of Afghanistan.”

The video, which is titled “And they shall continue fighting you” (Koran 2:217), starts with a condemnation of the United States, accusing it of continuing hostility against Islam and Muslims and citing U.S. President Donald Trump’s decisions to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights as examples.

Al-Zawahiri then claimed that the majority of Zionists throughout history have been non-Jews, listing Napoleon Bonaparte, Arthur Balfour, Mark Sykes and President Trump as examples of “non-Jew Zionists.” According to al-Zawahiri, “These Zionists plot against Muslims everywhere and immigrate to Israel from all over the world; therefore, it is necessary to take the battle to them everywhere.”

Encouraging martyrdom-seeking mujahideen to carry out attacks around the world, Al-Zawahiri noted that those who want to wage jihad against Israel can do so anywhere.

“After ensuring that his target is permissible in the light of the Sharia [Islamic law], that no harm should occur to Muslims as a result of his actions, and that the benefits of his actions outweigh the costs, all he needs to do is to put his trust in Allah and head for his target after leaving a message that the aim of his jihad operation is avenging the crimes in Palestine and all such Muslim lands,” said al-Zawahiri.

“The interests of Israel and its American, British, French, Russian and European allies are spread all over the world. So just as they conspire and join forces against us everywhere, we must chase them down everywhere at a time and place of our choosing,” he added.

Al-Zawahiri also encouraged those wishing to carry out attacks to be inventive and creative.

Al-Zawahiri concluded by addressing Muslims everywhere, saying: “America only understands the language of force. Those who inflict damage on America, America tries to negotiate and arrive at an understanding with them. Those who retreat in the face of its power, America doesn’t spare them until it has completely overcome them. The Islamic Emirate dealt severe blows to America. This is why the Americans showed keenness to negotiate with them a withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

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