Pro Third Temple Politician will Demand to Rule over Israel’s Judges

September 12, 2019

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In light of their favorable performance in the polls, Itamar Ben-Gvir, the head of the Otzma Yehudit party now says that he will demand the role of Justice Minister as a condition to entering into a coalition reports Ynet. This means that if Netanyahu wants to secure a right-wing coalition, as he says he does, he will likely have to comply with Ben-Gvir’s demand. The Justice Minister oversees all aspects of Israel’s Justice System.

Ben-Gvir and his party have come out openly in favor of building the Third Temple and are expected to pass the minimum threshold of four seats in Tuesday’s election.

According to the Justice Ministry’s website, the role of the minister includes: ‘Enforcing Criminal Law through the General Prosecution system; Representing the State before judicial and quasi-judicial entities; Executing laws that the Minister of Justice is responsible for their execution, including the provision of legal services and regulation of various legal and professional areas.’ Israel’s current Justice Minister is Amir Ohana, from Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Ben-Gvir also claims that Netanyahu’s Likud party has conducted an internal poll giving the party.  The Otzma Yehudit chairman recalled a conversation between him and the Likud party who allegedly told him that if their internal poll shows them passing the minimum threshold, the Likud will help ensure that they pass. However, Ben-Gvir claimed that Netanyahu got cold feet leading him to suspect that he is in talks to form an alliance with more left-leaning parties like Blue and White and Labor.

As an attorney by practice, Ben Gvir stated that he believes he can bring about “legal reform”.

Ben Gvir also vowed that if given the portfolio, he would ensure that Israel’s Supreme would have a “Jewish” agenda.



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