Sharp Drop in Abortions for Jewish Women in Israel

September 9, 2019

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For the past 25 years, the absolute number of abortions in Israel has hovered at about 18,000. Given the increasing population of the country, the total Abortion Rate (abortions per thousand), has gone down from nearly 13 per thousand to about 9 per thousand. The number of Jewish women who get abortions every year decreases slightly, and in the past 25 years has gone down from 14,700 per year to 13,700 in 2015. Given the dramatic Jewish population boom, this means that the rate per thousand has gone down from 13.7 to 9.7.

What is most interesting is that the number of Arab women who abort every year has more than tripled during this time, from 1100 back in 1996 to over 3400 (or more) today. The rate per thousand has increased from 4.8 to nearly 8 per thousand, a very dramatic increase.

Efrat, an Israeli organization that works to prevent abortions took some credit for the drop saying in a statement: “The statistics showing steady decreases in the number of abortions is very good news and shows that  EFRAT’s unique approach to helping women avoid abortions works!”

The organization’s spokeswoman, Ruth Tidhar added: “In 1977, when abortion was legalized in Israel, there were an estimated 60,000 illegal abortions performed yearly. That same year, the EFRAT organization realized that in order to help lower that number, a dual effort must be made.  EFRAT took upon itself to provide information to the public about the development of the embryo and the repercussions of abortion by distributing millions of pamphlets and videos and by giving lectures in hundreds of schools and army bases. The second part of the effort to reduce abortions was by giving help with the needs of the baby when the problem was financial.”

“Since 1977, the EFRAT Organization has been offering counseling and concrete assistance to women who were considering abortion because of financial difficulties. EFRAT trusts the pregnant woman to make the best decision for herself and never engages in demonstrations, lobbying or trying to change abortion laws. EFRAT’s assistance is offered to those women who feel in their hearts that they will regret the abortion, even though they are struggling with money problems and the pressure of the boyfriend or husband to abort. The woman who turns to us and is promised assistance after the birth will receive a brand new crib, stroller, baby bath, layette and 24 monthly packages of diapers and wipes, food and formula when necessary” Tidhar noted.

“EFRAT has helped over 75,000 women give their baby the gift of life and not one of these women is sorry that the baby is alive and in her life. All of EFRAT’s assistance is financed by private donations, with no government support” the spokeswoman concluded.



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