‘Antifa’ Attack Comes to Israel

September 9, 2019

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Tel Aviv-On Saturday night, an Israeli man was beaten, stabbed and thrown through a window in what appears to be Israel’s first attack from a dormant Antifa cell.

An Antifa stronghold in Southern Tel Aviv (courtesy: Facebook)

Following a soccer game, an Israeli man mocked a group of Hapoel (worker) soccer fans by screaming out the name of their rivals Beitar yelling: “Let’s go Beitar!” When that happened, the group of 20 lynched the young man. They stabbed him and threw him through the display window of a store. He was evacuated to the hospital and is listed in serious condition.

The Hapoel soccer team has been historically associated with the socialist movement in Israel.

And although Israel’s mainstream media is calling them “Hapoel fans”, outspoken right-wing rapper, Hatzel (the Shadow) has discovered that they are actually part of an Antifa cell. He recognizes their footprint as he, as n outspoken right-wing figure is “the victim of their violent assaults.”

Hatzel claims that he has been speaking out against them “for a long time” and that they are the violent left who are anarchists and trying to make a name for themselves as the United States. The rapper then explained that he is a law-abiding citizen but that he does reserve the right to defend himself and his family against them.

In a statement, the opposing team Beitar ‘Millenium’ Jerusalem said: “The idea that a person yelling something in a public space would lead to the lynch of dozens of Hapoel fans should shock every sports fan in the nation.”

As a response to the attack, the Israeli police said in a statement that ” the police will not allow any sort of violence inside stadiums or outside of them”.

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