Universal Prayer, Non-Jewish Sacrifice on Mount of Olives to Cancel Out War of Gog and Magog

September 8, 2019

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The Conference of the Organization of the 70 Nations will culminate on Friday, September 27 with a ceremony in which an animal sacrifice will be offered on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem to renew the covenant made between God and all of mankind.

Non-Jewish Animal Sacrifice

The Torah website Dirshu published an article in October 2018 relating an anecdote concerning Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus, a Torah authority and prolific author, who passed away in 2001. The article relates how several Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews were conversing and one asked what they would do if they suddenly discovered they were not Jewish. Several stated that they would immediately begin the process to convert to Judaism.  Others opined that they would not convert but would work at performing the seven Noahide laws in an exemplary fashion. 

Rabbi Pincus stated, “I would run to make an animal sacrifice.” He explained that in our times, it is forbidden for Jews to make an animal sacrifice outside of the Temple but a non-Jew is permitted. 

The article went on to explain that if a non-Jew who observes the Noahide laws wishes to perform any of the other commandments in the Torah in order to receive a heavenly reward should not be prevented from doing so. Similarly, if a non-Jew brings a korban olah (burnt offering), it must be accepted. There are some opinions that maintain that non-Jews may bring korban olah and korban shlamim (usually translated as ‘peace offering’) while other opinions state that they may bring an olah but not a shlamim. The halacha (accepted Torah law) is that non-Jews bring korban olah but not shlamim and that they may bring any type of animal, even those which are unacceptable for sacrifice by Kohanim (Jewish priests) in the Temple. This includes male and female animals, animals with blemishes, chayot (wild animals) which are kosher to eat but not acceptable as a Temple sacrifice and chickens, which are not brought as a Temple sacrifice.

Torah Law Basis

This law is described by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, known as Maimonides and by the acronym Rambam who was the foremost Torah authority of the 12th century.  In his Mishneh Torah  (Maaseh Hakorbanot 19:16) the Rambam wrote: 

Gentiles are permitted to offer burnt offerings to God in all places, provided they sacrifice them on a raised structure that they build. It is forbidden to help them [offer these sacrifices] or act as agents for them, for we are forbidden to sacrifice outside [the Temple Courtyard]. It is permitted to instruct them and teach them how to sacrifice to the Almighty, blessed be He.

The altar must be built exclusively by non-Jews who observe the Noahide laws and the same is true of the sacrifice itself.

The original sacrifice was made by Noah when he exited the Ark after the flood

Then Noach built an altar to Hashem and, taking of every clean animal and of every clean bird, he offered burnt offerings on the altar. Genesis 8:20

This sacrifice made by Noah was a korban olah, a tribute to God that was entirely burnt on the altar.

“I now establish My covenant with you and your offspring to come, and with every living thing that is with you—birds, cattle, and every wild beast as well—all that have come out of the ark, every living thing on earth. I will maintain My covenant with you: never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of a flood, and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.” Genesis 9:9-11

Basis for Conference 

The conference will also bring representatives of the 70 nations to the Temple Mount. The Sanhedrin composed a statement of purpose for the sacrifice:

“We, the offspring of those who exited the Ark with Noah, Shem, Ham, And Japhet, the representatives of the 70 nations ascended to the Temple Mount, in order to pray to God to bring about the words of the prophets and to cancel out the judgement of the War of Gog and Magog.”

“We seek today to renew the eternal covenant God made with those who left the Ark, in order to prevent any flood or other forms of global catastrophe. This renewal of the covenant comes at a time when such dangers abound. It also seems that some men have forgotten their part in the covenant with God and their responsibilities.”

A dove will be provided for the ceremony in commemoration of the dove sent out by Noah from the Ark which, according to Jewish tradition, brought an olive branch from the Mount of Olives. 

“The dove and olive branch have come to be the universal symbol of peace which emanates from Jerusalem, whose name means peace. May the light of the pure oil from the Temple menorah once again light the world with justice and truth.”

And the many peoples shall go and say: “Come, Let us go up to the Mount of Hashem, To the House of the God of Yaakov; That He may instruct us in His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.” For instruction shall come forth from Tzion, The word of Hashem from Yerushalayim. Isaiah 2:3

The ceremony will be accompanied by blasts on shofarot (rams’ horns). 

House of Prayer for All Nations

The conference will begin with a prayer as the first step towards establishing “a house of prayer for all nations.” Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander has been tasked with composing the prayer.

“A lot of people, Jews and non-Jews, are very angry about the conference,” Rabbi Hollander told Breaking Israel News. “Everything we are doing is one-hundred percent according to Jewish law. The prayer will bring us together praying to God and that is what the prayer will say. Jerusalem will be the place for all the nations to pray to God, each man with his understanding, and the words will be from the Bible.”

“We will certainly begin with Psalm 117,” Rabbi Hollander said.

Praise Hashem, all you nations; extol Him, all you peoples, for great is His steadfast love toward us; the faithfulness of Hashemendures forever. Hallelujah. Psalm 117:1-2

“Song and prayer are natural to all men,” Rabbi Hollander said. “On that level, it is as simple as the verse implies.”


The conference will begin on Wednesday evening, September 25, the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Elul at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel and continue until Friday, September 27. Lectures and discussions will focus on the Noahide obligations incumbent upon all of mankind. Also discussed will be the universal economic, cultural, educational that should be the focus of such an organization. A major focus will also be the establishment of an international court based on Bible principles.

The general public is invited to take part in the conference by signing up in advance by contacting arranged in advance by contacting Ayal Be’eri (Tel. 054-534-3545) with a NIS 100 enrollment fee. Three festive meals at the hotel are available by advance order for NIS 160 per meal. Transportation to the Temple Mount is available by prearrangement for NIS 50. Transportation to the Mount of Olives Noahide ceremony is available for NIS 70. Inquiries or pre-orders can be emailed to: Adbebar@gmail.com

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