‘GPS of the Bible’ Lets you Connect Any Location Worldwide to the Bible

September 8, 2019

3 min read

Tour Guides might be a thing of the past. The Israel Bible released a new feature that gives Bible readers the ability to view a map of Israel (or the world as a whole), and see what Biblical story took place in each location.

The Israel Bible’s Biblical Map App

For example, if you are in ancient Shilo, you can simply take a quick look at The Israel Bible website and it will let you know the scriptural passage that describes how Hannah prayed to give thanks to God for the birth of her son, Samuel as it says:

And Chana prayed: My heart exults in Hashem; I have triumphed through Hashem. I gloat over my enemies; I rejoice in Your deliverance. (Samuel 1 2:1)

Or let’s say you’re driving by the HaElah Stream near Bet Shemesh. At that point, The Israel Bible interactive maps will inform you that you are actually driving by the very location where David killed Goliath long ago. 

That’s why many are calling it ‘Waze for the Bible’.

But even if you’re not in the Holy Land, you can simply hover over the Israel Bible’s map of Israel and learn precisely what happened in each location without even doing any research. That’s because the information on each location simply pops up automatically as you hover. This amazing feature ensures that past meets present. 

It also means that if you’re planning your own itinerary on your next trip to the Holy Land, you can map it out based on which Biblical sites you want to see and design your journey accordingly. 

This is an ideal solution for faith-based travelers on a tight budget that may not be able to afford a tour guide but want to know what the Bible says about the place they’re standing in, visiting or traveling through. The Israel Bible interactive maps allow you to be your own tour guide, even if you’ve never set foot in Israel before!

Check out this incredible new feature on your desktop or mobile device and start mapping out the Bible from the comfort of your living room. 

The Israel Bible’s Biblical Map App

Get a better perspective with regards to what Biblical story took place where and start connecting the dots in one user-friendly plug-in.

This way, you can show your friends where in Israel you plan on visiting. If you plan on heading to Shilo, the map will inform you how that was the location where the tabernacle was stored on your device. Show them how you plan on visiting Mt. Carmel where Elisha cursed a group of men who mocked him. 

She went on until she came to the man of Hashem on Mount Carmel. When the man of Hashem saw her from afar, he said to his servant Gehazi, “There is that Shunammite woman. (Kings 2 4:25)

This incredible map isn’t just limited to the land of Israel. That’s because the plug-in maps out Biblical locations throughout the entire world as well. 

So whether you’re planning an itinerary in Israel or just interested in mapping out the locations of certain Bible stories, you can now enjoy all those incredible features and more with The Israel Bible’s new interactive maps.

Explore The Israel Bible’s new interactive maps by clicking here.

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