Netanyahu’s Main Rival Envisions Third Temple Being Built following Elections

September 1, 2019

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Head of the Blue and White party, MK Benny Gantz expressed his concerns regarding the recent deal that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made with pro-3rd Temple politician Moshe Feiglin saying: “He will get us all high and we’ll wake up to a (Third) Temple” in an interview with Channel 13.

The “getting us all high remark” was made in reference to Feiglin’s pro-marijuana legalization platform.

As reported last week, Netanyahu offered Zehut party chairman Moshe Feiglin a top position in his next government (assuming he wins the election) if Feiglin agrees to close down his party. From the Prime Minister’s perspective, If Feiglin’s party fails to pass the threshold, it could waste many critical votes that the Prime Minister needs to secure a more right-wing coalition. The Zehut party is expected to vote on the motion on Sunday. Feiglin is one of the few politicians who openly calls for building the Third Temple and has added it to his party’s platform.

Meanwhile, many in the Zehut party are suspect of Netanyahu’s intentions and believe that the Prime Minister is making empty promises to cut down a party that will oppose the Trump agreement.

In the same interview, Gantz responded to allegations that his cellular phone was hacked saying: “one can search my cell phone for anything relating to security. And I say – they will not find one security-related item.”

Before entering politics, Gantz was the IDF’s chief of staff and oversaw Israeli military operations into Gaza such as Operation Pillar of Defense and Operation Protective Edge.

His Blue and White party is a combination of Moshe (Boogie) Yaalon’s Telem (Boundaries) party and former talk show host Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid (There’s a Future) party.



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