Emergency Appeal: IDF Soldiers Barred from Using A.C. in Vehicles in 104 Degree Heat

August 19, 2019

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IDF soldiers from the Golani Brigade stationed on Israel’s southern border, have received a direct order not to turn on the air conditioner in their Namer (Panther) armored personnel carriers (APC) reports Walla News..

The order was given despite the region reaching highs of 104 degrees.

The reason – budget cuts.

The soldiers filed an urgent request to turn on the AC while patrolling the border with Gaza. That request was summarily denied by the battalion commander who claimed that the air conditioner consumes a lot of fuel which increases the cost of operations in the field.

The upper brass claimed that it would save them tens of thousands of shekels a month.

A private organization with a creative solution

Although the IDF troops patrolling the Gaza border aren’t allowed to use the air conditioner in their closed vehicles, there is a solution that you can be a part of.

That’s because Israel365 is distributing a new product called ‘Cool-Collars’ to soldiers. 

‘Cool-Collars’ are wearable air conditioning units. Think of it as a neck scarf with ice inside. The scarf cools down your entire body temperature, even in the blistering heat.

Obviously, these collars are far more tactical and tech-savvy than just a scarf with ice inside.

That’s because the Cool Collar works like an ice pack in that it absorbs the body’s heat via heat transfer. This technology has a far better cooling effect than do wet towels or even fans.  

The Collar is infused with QuickSnow technology, which is engineered to maintain a temperature of 64 degrees at all times. 

This ensures that your entire body remains at a consistent temperature for as long as you wear it. And although the accessory provides a chill-effect, the technology ensures that it will never reach the level of frostbite (or any sort of discomfort associated with ice).  

That’s because the QuickSnow tech provides a healthy cool comforting feeling that lasts longer and recharges quickly. 

(I dunno about you, but just writing about it is making me want to rest one on my neck – and I’m not even hot!)

It’s like wearing an air conditioner (that weighs less than a feather) on your neck!  

This makes it ideal for IDF soldiers patrolling inside closed, non-air conditioned vehicles in 104 degree heat on Israel’s border with Gaza.

Remember, it’s not like they can just open windows. Armored Personnel Carriers don’t have windows.

The best part is – every Cool-Collar you sponsor will go directly to the IDF soldiers who need it most.

This means that by sponsoring a mobile Cool-Collar for an IDF soldier, you are helping to ensure that the heat will not disrupt his ability to protect Israel against God’s enemies. 

The mobile AC unit that you sponsor is lightweight and camouflage making it ideal for combat.

Let’s face it, the global Jihad is out for blood. Israel is outnumbered. This means that the IDF soldiers need to be extra-alert. And you can help them stay as alert as possible by sponsoring one (or several) of these ‘wearable air conditioning’ units.

This is your chance to step in and show our troops that the nations have their back (or rather, their necks). 

That’s because when you sponsor a Cool-Collar to a soldier, you are essentially enabling them to better protect God’s land against Israel’s enemies.

This is not an exaggeration. 

Just as providing an IDF troop with his rifle and training helps him better perform in battle, so too does preventing that same soldier from overheating.

And when you sponsor a Cool-Collar, you are doing just that.

Don’t wait until one of our boys overheats. Because when a soldier dehydrates or suffers from heatstroke, the entire nation suffers. That’s because any disruption when protecting Israel’s borders is an opportunity for the Jihadi enemy to strike.

Israel can not afford to compromise it’s security.

Now is your chance to help Israel’s soldiers operate at peak performance despite the challenges placed before them – both by the enemy and even the upper brass in the IDF itself that won’t let them turn on the AC in their patrol vehicles. It is a matter of life and death:

Donate a Cool-Collar to an IDF soldier today



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