Cool Collars to IDF in Hebron: Israel365 Active on this Holy Day

July 29, 2020

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the head of Israel365, a nongovernmental organization connecting the world with the Land and the People of Israel, is distributing Cool Collars, collars designed to cool the blood flow to the head thereby giving significant relief from the heat, to IDF soldiers stationed in Hebron.

(Photo by Breaking Israel News)

“This is a fast day for all of Israel and it is also very hot,” Rabbi Weisz told Breaking Israel News. Rabbi Weisz emphasized the importance of protecting the city which is second in holiness to the Jews after Jerusalem. “Our donors have provided these cool collars which will help the soldiers stay alert in this heat in order to protect Israel on this hugely important day.”

The collars are a product of a Beit Shemesh start-up and these light-weight, wearable collars can keep a person cool for up to two hours. What’s more, they can be easily recharged in a refrigerator, freezer, ice water and even when placed upon AC units to be recharged for as little as 20 minutes. The Cool Collar works like an ice pack in that it absorbs the body’s heat in the most effective means possible – via heat transfer (versus fans or towels).  The Cool Collar is infused with Cool Club’s QuickSnow technology, which is engineered to maintain a temperature of 64 degrees and avoid the hazards of frostbite and discomfort associated with ice.  In contrast, the QuickSnow provides a healthy cool comfort that lasts for far longer and recharges quickly.  This makes it a perfect utility for IDF soldiers manning a checkpoint in the boiling heat. Studies show the hotter one gets the less they’re able to concentrate, focus or react quickly.

(Photo by Breaking Israel News)

The initiative to provide these collars to IDF soldiers was originally run by Ari Fuld who was tragically killed by a terrorist last year.

Israel365 will be distributing the collars in collaboration with the Hebron Fund.

“While we are all focused on the destruction of the Temple and trying to make it through the fast, the soldiers are patrolling the streets of the City of the Patriarchs, in full battle gear,” Rabbi Weisz said. “Anything we can do to ease their hardship is truly blessed. We thank our donors who stand with Israel, today and every day. They are helping to make the soldiers more comfortable in their difficult job but it actually means much more than that. It means that Israel is not alone.”


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