My Farewell to the Left-Wing Death Cult

August 6, 2019

4 min read

I just rewatched some scenes from Schindler’s List (why do I do this to myself?). It reminded me of the undeniable fact that the oldest form of racism and the one that has taken by far the most extreme forms is anti-Semitism. It is simply absurd to believe that after a precedent as old as human history that anti-Semitism will just go away. Or that a form of politics only seems anti-semitic but is actually based on reason and human rights considerations. The “Squad” that has usurped the left-wing politics in America are all guilty of making statements that are far more anti-Semitic than anything ever expressed in American politics. Yes, they have a right to free expression but it is the responsibility of those who hear it call it out for what it is: Jew-hatred.

So the people who believe that anti-Zionism is NOT antisemitism are being stupid, intentionally obtuse, choosing to overlook the most consistent aspect of human history. Criticism of Israel is a necessary aspect of citizenship if we want Israel to improve. But with such an overwhelming precedent of Jew-hatred dominating Human history, the default should be an assumption that criticism of Israel is based in this Jew-hatred that not so long ago plunged the entire world into its darkest period in history.

Anti-Semitism is what allowed the majority of the United Nations to sign on to the absurd claim that Jerusalem is a Muslim site and had no historical or religious connection to the Jews. Anti-Semitism is what allowed the Obama administration to look at Jews living in Judea and Samaria and see a greater evil than Arab terrorism. Anti-Semitism is what convinced the Obama administration that the Iranian cries of “Death to Israel and Death to Americans” were expressing a cause they wanted to endorse.

The brain-washing is so prevalent that people can make blatantly inaccurate statements while calling for the obliteration of Israel and then say it is a valid criticism of policies. Rashida Tlaib recently attempted to pass a bill calling for the legalization of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement. It is a form of expression but what they actually say is “From the river to the sea” which is an explicit call for ethnically cleansing Jews. Should it be permitted to call for the area that is Israel to be ethnically cleansed of Jew? I think not.

Israel is not perfect but it is so much more moral than any other country in the region that any criticism that hints at removing the only Jewish state is absolutely rooted in the same ancient Jew-hatred that led to the Holocaust.

This includes criticism by secular Jews and the liberal Orthodox Jews. You don’t have to be a genius to know that Nazis and white supremacists hate Jews (You do have to be an idiot to call Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens white supremacists, or, as AOC recently affirmed, that Jews are white supremacists). But it is more difficult to ascertain the precise point when left-wing liberals cross over into homicidal racist Jew-hatred. But this is what we are facing today.

The Palestinian government is horribly oppressive and gives money to Palestinians who murder Jews. Yes, freedom of expression but first, tell the truth; anyone who supports this Palestinian government supports the murder of Jews and the oppression of Palestinians. You are ani-human rights and anti-humanity.

Israel is not ideal but it is a good place. Being ambivalent or criticizing specific parties is valid but rejecting Israel outright is not. Supporting BDS is a valid expression but it is equally valid to label proponents of BDS for what they are: BDS is precisely the same as putting on a brown shirt and calling for the death of Jews in democratic pre-war Nazi Germany.

Israel is the litmus test. Demonizing Israel is a hatred of God and Good. It is a sign of a deeper spiritual sickness. Supporting abortion may sound reasonable but if for one second you viewed it from the perspective of a baby in the womb being no different than a baby outside of the womb, the implications would be horrifying in the extreme. Supporting abortion is the same as owning slaves at a time when negroes were not considered to be human. There is a sickness of spirit that dominates the left-wing. This sickness perverts their perception to the point where they can look at Israel and see evil, look at an abortion and see no blood, look at a shaky witness with a nebulous memory and accuse an innocent man of a horrible crime, look at a   video of naive high-school students and see a mob of frothing racists, and listen to the absurd claims by a desperate actor and believe that a crowd of racist Republicans gathered in the middle of the night in brutal cold in the hopes that a person of color might happen along. This sickness of the soul has turned liberals away from the ideals that once made the left-wing the moral guiding light of Western culture.

Though Christianity came out of Judaism, anti-Semitism has been an integral part of the Church ever since it merged with Rome. It is the basis of replacement theology. I have witnessed two divergent trends in Christianity. One is bringing Christians and Jews together. This is a blessed process that rejects 2,000 years of difficult history. It is not simple and the obstacles are slowly being revealed. Mistakes are being made and misunderstandings are an inevitable and necessary part of the process.

But the left-wing, that professes plurality, is dead set against the blessed coming together. With the long and horrifying history of enmity, peace and harmony between Jews should be a development welcomed by the left-wing. But they hate it because it is an affirmation of God, creation, and life. Instead, they embrace radical Islam which has an explicit agenda of death with no pretense of any positive end. Like the left-wing, they aspire towards world domination and in the end of days, the two opposing forces will have to fight for what remains of humanity.

I choose life. The Christians who have put aside Jew-hatred have put aside their history and the aspects of their theology that are incompatible with life. The left-wing in the U.S. are no longer the party of social good. They are angry and have rejected the aspect of Israel that is the eternal longing for life. I used to be a liberal but no longer. Good-bye and good luck with your death cult.

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