New Tour Explores the Sites of some of Israel’s Most Horrific Terror Attacks

July 28, 2019

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Tourists in Israel are embarking on a new alternative tour of the sites of some of Israel’s ugliest terror attacks in Tel Aviv.

If Yad Vashem is too emotionally intense or too time-consuming for you,
or if you simply want to honor the memory of Israeli Jews killed since the Holocaust, there is the
Tragic Tel Aviv walking tour.

It’s a 50-minute stroll along Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv to the sites of 6
terror attacks.
The creator-guide of the Tragic Tel Aviv tour, Yakov Levi, is no stranger to the horrors of Palestinian
terrorism: He personally witnessed the immediate aftermath of two bus bombings, has friends who
were wounded in terror attacks, and himself had a giant brick dropped on his head from the Old
City walls of Jerusalem (the brick missed and the terrorist fled).

Yakov Levi tells the stories of each terror attack along Dizengoff with passion and fresh outrage as
if they happened only yesterday.

He brings the past back to life and invites you to share in honoring
the memory of the victims and the events, before they get lost to the winds of time.

“You can go to many places around the world and take a haunted house tour. In Israel, we don’t
have haunted places. We have haunted memories. This is a tour of the memories that haunt me,”
says Yakov, who lives right off Dizengoff, near where the attacks happened.

Alan W., a visitor from the USA who took the tour, put it aptly: “I’ve walked on Dizengoff so many
evenings and had no idea how much pain is below the surface of this cheerful street. I had no idea
that I was having a beer right next to a memorial for 22 people who were murdered at that same
For those interested in the free private tour, contact Yakov Levi via the website


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