Flocks of Dead Birds Randomly Fall From Sky in Australia: A Sign of End-of-Days?

July 21, 2019

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A flock of birds fell from the sky in Australia, dying in gruesome agony. A closer look reveals that this is far from an isolated phenomenon and as more of these sightings occur, one rabbi warns that the death of nature is both a sign and an opportunity for us to fix our relationship with the Creator.

Bleeding Birds Fall from the Sky

Australians near Adelaide were shocked ten days ago when dying birds began to fall from the sky, bleeding from their eyes and beaks. More than 60 long-billed corellas, a protected species, were affected. A few short-billed corellas also died. Some hit the ground already dead while most lay in agony, dying after only a few minutes. Several birds were taken to veterinarians but needed to be euthanized. Officials believe it was a case of intentional poisoning and are conducting toxicology tests on the dead birds.

Watch the full report (courtesy: Facebook screenshot)

The incident comes while the local council is considering a plan to control short-billed corella, an unprotected species considered to be a pest. The plan would be carried out by gassing the flocks which are blamed with damaging manmade structures as well as the natural surroundings.

Animal Die-Offs in Prophecy

This recent occurrence is a small example of a much larger phenomenon that is prophesied to appear as part of the all-encompassing experience at the end-of-days.

I will sweep away man and beast; I will sweep away the birds of the sky And the fish of the sea. I will make the wicked stumble, And I will destroy mankind From the face of the earth —declares Hashem. Zephaniah 1:3

For that, the earth is withered: Everything that dwells on it languishes— Beasts of the field and birds of the sky— Even the fish of the sea perish. Hosea 4:3

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman director of Ohr Chadash Torah Institute believes that natural phenomenon like these connect the end-of-times with creation and act as signposts about man’s role in relation to nature.

“Man is part of nature so Moshiach will necessarily include nature and be manifest in nature,” Rabbi Trugman told Breaking Israel News. “None of these natural occurrences happen in a vacuum. We think we exist in a sanitized technological reality but we live in a natural world. Man has a huge impact on nature, and this impact has been growing in the last hundred years. If we lose track of our connection with nature, it will come back and bite us.”

“We are required to connect to nature as part of our relationship with Hashem,” Rabbi Trugman said. There are more extinctions, more fires. These are a sign of the times. To fix our relationship with God, everything will have to come back into balance.”

The rabbi’s assessment is entirely accurate. A list of mass animal deaths published on End-Times Prophecy was quite shocking, including billions of bees in South America, countless cases of massive fish deaths, hundreds of dolphins and whales, turtles, and all manner of wildlife. 

Rabbi Trugman emphasized that even though these die-offs seemed daunting, it was essential the people understood that divine salvation for men was intrinsically connected to the saving of wildlife. The rabbi quoted a verse in Psalms that expressed salvation coming to man and beast together.

Your beneficence is like the high mountains; Your justice like the great deep; man and beast You deliver, Hashem Psalms 36:7

“Everything is holistically connected through God. If we see birds falling out of the sky, we should understand that if the environment gets too much out of kilter then the whole world is in danger of falling apart.”

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