New Political Party Formed to Fight Against Gay Agenda

July 17, 2019

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A new political party has been formed for Israel’s upcoming September 17 elections for the 22nd Knesset. The party, Noam (pleasantness) was established among other things to combat the foreign-funded LGBT agenda that has crept its way into the Israeli educational system and is trying to shape the country’s culture. Their slogan is: “A normal nation in our land”.

The party’s founders include Yigal Cnaan, a former fighter pilot, Ariel Shachar, a high-tech expert, Rabbi Itai Halevy, the Rabbi of the Migron Village and Rabbi Dror Aryeh.

As a response to the attempted secularization of the country by foreign-funded agencies, the party released a statement saying: “The majority of the nation of Israel wants their grandchildren to be Jewish. They want their sons to marry women and their daughters to marry men. The Noam party was formed to state the obvious – start acting in the interests of the majority of the nation of Israel.”

Watch Noam’s video (on Facebook) that was banned by Youtube (courtesy: screenshot)

They also released a video called “End Conversion Therapy”, an ironic title for a video whose content actually focuses on the “conversion therapy” that the State of Israel has gone through which encourages an end to traditional family values.  In the promotional video they released, one can see a family heading to the polls only to be accosted by gay “rights” activists waving signs reading “children don’t need mothers”. Once they enter the polling station, they can be seen writing on their ballot ticket wishes. One reads “I hope that my son marries a woman”.

Youtube removed their video saying that the content “violated Youtube’s terms of service.”

The party had its first meeting for its activists on Sunday. They subsequently began operating a hotline for others who are interested in volunteering or to find out more about the party. On Tuesday, the activists began their initial fieldwork including the distribution of flyers and other material.

Noam also acquired another political party – lazuz (to move) for 80,000 NIS. They plan on joining with even more parties in the run-up to Israel’s September election.

Last month, Breaking Israel News reported on Israel’s first Straight Pride March which took place in Haifa.


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