Left-Wing Activist Accidentally Admits Role in Execution of Palestinian Arabs

July 16, 2019

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Activist Ezra Nawi admitted that Palestinian Arabs were killed because of the work he did as an activist with the left-wing Taayush organization. And although Nawi revealed in a television program in  2016 that he helped Palestinian officials locate and arrest Arabs who were considering selling land to Jews, with full knowledge that they could be executed he never acknowledged his role in those executions until Tuesday.

On his way out of court, Nawi was interviewed by right-wing activist Tom Nisani from the group Im Tirzu (If you will it).

During the interview, Nisani asked Nawi how many Arabs were killed because of him. At that point, a visibly agitated Nawi blurted out: “Less than the IDF!”

After he made the slip, admitting his role in the death of innocent Palestinians, his attorneys could be seen whisking him away in an apparent effort to ensure that he doesn’t say anything else that can be used as incriminating evidence.

Nisani has indicated that he will submit the Facebook Live video as evidence against Nawi in future court appearances.

“Ezran Nawi, a convicted criminal, who in the past was found guilty for pedophilia, should be in his rightful place – jail. A man who turned in innocent Arabs and is proud of it should be behind bars. That is a strategy of Tayyush and other extreme left-wing organizations and they must be stopped before other innocent victims pay with their lives” Nisani added.

Click to see the full Facebook Live video (courtesy: screenshot)

The background

After the initial television report aired in January of 2016, Nawi was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport as he tried to flee the country. The arrest was based on evidence exposed in a hidden camera sting set up by right-wing activists of Ad Kan (It’s Enough).

In the investigative expose, Nawi can be heard talking about four Palestinian Arab real estate agents, whom Nawi said mistook him for a Jewish Israeli looking to purchase their property.

“Immediately I give their photos and phone numbers to the (Palestinian Authority) Preventive Security Force,” Nawi can be heard saying. “The Palestinian Authority catches them and kills them. But before they kill them, they get a lot of beatings.”

Nawi was subsequently indicted for aiding the Palestinian Authority. This makes him the first Jew since the 1995 Oslo Accords to be charged with the offense.

Nawi appealed the indictment asking the judge to drop all charges against him on Tuesday. His appeal was denied.

Tayyush has not replied for comment.



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