Exclusive: Hikind Leaks Motives Behind Famous Lawsuit Against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

July 15, 2019

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Last week, Breaking Israel News reported on how the Democrats revise Jewish history. Now, at least one of them, might be paying the price. That’s because Former New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind is suing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for…the very same thing that she herself sued Donald Trump for: blocking him on Twitter. Many are calling it the “most ironic lawsuit ever”.

More irony

Coincidentally, Hikind was blocked by the freshman lawmaker on the exact same day that an Appellate Court upheld their decision against Trump in favor of Ocasio-Cortez. The ruling states: “because Trump uses his Twitter account as a public forum, he cannot bar people who disagree with him from taking part in an open dialogue.” Hikind also filed the lawsuit on the same day he was blocked acknowledging that “God was there”.

Watch Dov Hikind’s exclusive interview with Breaking Israel New’s Tuly Weisz (courtesy: screenshot)

Skewed analogies

Hikind explained to Breaking Israel News that it all started when AOC compared illegal immigrants at Israel’s border to victims of the Holocaust, Hikind said: “so I really went after her in particular my mother having gone to Auschwitz in 1943 and and her mother and other members of the family being murdered the day they arrived in Auschwitz and the torture and the starvation and everything else that the audacity to talk about concentration camps and ‘never again’ with illegal immigrants the way they’re being treated so she didn’t like the things I was saying because I called her to task and (she)decided to block me” the former assemblyman explained.
Lemons into lemonade
But Hikind sees this lawsuit as an opportunity saying “AOC, who’s not a friend of the Jewish people, not a friend of Israel – you know her best friends in the Congress are (Ilhan) Omar,  (Rashida) Tlaib you know these these people who talk about dual loyalty and about the ‘Benjamins’ and so on so we have an have an opportunity we’ve actually put her on the defensive which is great so she she behaves”. “I’m very optimistic that we’re going to win” he added.
A powerful statement
Noting the young congresswoman’s age, Hikind explains: “she’s all of 29 she behaves like a know-it-all she knows everything she is aware for everything so we’ve actually challenged her now and this case will come to court unless she throws in the towel and it’s an opportunity to make a very powerful statement.”
Only the first inning
“She doesn’t like facts, Facts confuse her.” It’s just the beginning, it’s only the first inning”. Despite the fact that Hikind ran as a democrat for assemblyman, he acknowledges the Democratic party today “have moved so far to the left, it is out of control” bemoaning the socialism ideology that has infected the Democratic party.

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