California’s 6.4 Earthquakes Signalling End-of-Days Global Shakeup

July 8, 2019

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Two major earthquakes in Southern California leading many, including experts, to ask, ‘When will the big one hit?.’ Several end-of-days experts weigh in, suggesting that ‘when’ may be the wrong question.

On the 4th of July, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Southern California. Though this was the largest quake the region had experienced in nearly two decades, it soon became clear that the seismic event was merely a prelude of things to come. Yet another earthquake, a 7.1 magnitude shaker, ten times larger than the previous quake, hit on Friday night. California governor, Gavin Newsom, declared a state of emergency and warned residents to be wary of new tremors.

The impact

Both quakes were the result of instability deep in the San Andreas fault but were felt as far away as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Baja California, and Reno. There were no fatalities and it is impossible to estimate the damage, almost all of it considered minor, but the real damage was to the psyche of the Californians who now fear “the big one.”

This fear is being confirmed as having a basis in fact. Some experts estimate the probability of a 6.0 or greater magnitude earthquake over the next week is 27 percent. The probability of a 7.0 magnitude or greater occurring over the next seven days is 3 percent.

The fall-out

But the longterm forecast is even grimmer. The US Geological Survey reported that the southern San Andreas Fault has typically seen large earthquakes every 150 years. The last large earthquake there occurred in 1857 so the southern segment of the fault “is considered a likely location for an earthquake” in the coming years. The same report noted that a major 7.9-magnitude quake hit San Francisco in 1906, meaning there’s a slightly lower chance of a major earthquake happening in the northern part of the state. The USGS predicted that there is 50 percent chance of an earthquake of 7+ magnitude occurring in the Los Angeles area in the next 30 years, and a 31% chance of one that’s 7.5+ in magnitude.

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones broke it down, figuring the probabilities Californians must live with every day that the earth will move out from under their feet.

Watch: Earthquake makes waves in pool (courtesy: Twitter)


Earthquakes the Result of Nibiru’s Approach

Yuval Ovadia, whose videos on Nibiru have garnered hundreds of thousands of views, bases his theories on classical Jewish sources. Ovadia agreed with seismologists that ‘the big one’ is imminent but he focused on a different cause.

“We know that ancient wisdom connected what happened in the heavens to what happened in the earth,” Ovadia told Breaking Israel News. “The Talmud says that God sent the flood to the world in the generation of Noah by way of two stars that he added to the Pleiades constellation. The midrash (Torah commentary) explains that the addition of these stars caused water to come up from the ground and the mountains to spew out steam and fire. This is absolutely acceptable to science since the revolution of the moon around the earth is known to determine the tides.”

“It could be that something is moving in the heavens that affects the earth,” Ovadia said. He described this effect as the wave created by water pushed ahead of the prow of a boat as it moves through the ocean. “As Nibiru approaches, we will fact, are already seeing, asteroids, earthquakes, and storms. If the scientists would connect the dots, see the bigger picture including what is happening here on Earth, they might understand.”

Earthquakes Not the Greatest Danger

Earthquakes may bear additional dangers even greater than the quake itself. This was witnessed in The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011 when An earthquake-generated tsunami struck the reactor, resulting in three nuclear meltdowns, hydrogen-air explosions, and the release of radioactive material. This apocalyptic scenario could easily be repeated with even more devastating results in California. The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County is the only operating nuclear power plant in the state. It is situated directly on the ocean, making it very vulnerable to tsunamis. It sits in an earthquake red zone, in close vicinity to four active fault lines, one lying only 2,000 feet away from the plant’s two nuclear reactors. S. David Freeman, a former general manager of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, called the nuclear plant “a disaster waiting to happen.”

In fact, a major earthquake in California could result in tsunamis even more devastating than in Japan. A study by seismologists at the University of California suggests that Southern California is at greater risk of tsunamis than previously thought. A 7.0-magnitude earthquake in the Ventura Basin Fault could generate a tsunami that would penetrate up to two kilometers inland in less than half an hour, devastating a heavily populated area. Like the Fukushima reactor, the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant is located directly on the shoreline.

The Return of Korach

At the end of last year, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi predicted that this year would be one of great upheaval; political as well as natural. He repeated this warning in May even more emphatically. 

“They will continue, continue, continue: earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, fire, hurricanes and storms, extremes of hot and cold weather,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said in his weekly sermon. “Planes will continue to fall, also ships, cars, and busses.”

This prediction took on a powerfully Biblical twist two weeks ago when Rabbi Ben Artzi predicted that the world was about to enter an era of increased earthquakes that would serve a specific end-of-days purpose. In preparation for the weekly Torah reading of Korach, Rabbi Ben Artzi referred to the part of the Bible in which the earth opened up, swallowing the mutinous participants in the revolt. 

And the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up with their households, all Korach‘s people and all their possessions. Numbers 16:32

Rabbi Ben Artzi predicted that this form of seismic retribution would again reappear to wipe out the haters of Israel, more specifically as a non-military all-encompassing solution to the conflict with Hamas.

“[God] will destroy all of Gaza, the moment he decides to do so,” Rabbi Ben Artzi wrote, “Without the IDF, and it will be on the media for all to see! Whether it is by tsunami, earthquake, or flood, and not one centimeter of the Holy Land will be touched.”

Other Torah scholars agree

This pre-Messiah wave of seismic disasters was also predicted by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a Bible codes expert, who uses special software to search for hidden messages within the Bible. Rabbi Glazerson made a video in which he stated that the series of disastrous earthquakes in Mexico in 2017 was the beginning of a final redemption as it relates to Korach.

Rabbi Glazerson noted that according to Jewish tradition, Korach has been trapped in a subterranean prison, awaiting the Messiah when the earth will reopen to free him. But the rabbi warned that the same earthquake that will free Korach will punish those who are repeating his sin.

“People, even people who claim to be religious, are trampling God’s honor,” the rabbi said.

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