Watch: Video Proof Outside Actors Behind Ethiopian Protests: “Rioters Paid by Soros”

July 4, 2019

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Yesterday, BIN exposed evidence that the Soros backed New Israel Fund, was behind the Ethiopian Solidarity protest, which has resulted in hundreds of wounded, that shut down traffic throughout Israel. Today, new evidence has emerged that appears to confirm what Likud MK and ex-Jerusalem mayor Nir Barakat’s claimed: “the (George Soros backed) NIF poured out its resources to fan the flames. I’ve spoken with Ethiopian friends and they said they received assistance from the NIF”.  

Yosef Tavin, an eye-witness posted on Facebook a video showing non-Ethiopian members of the riot giving orders to the Ethiopian rioters. In it, you can see the non-Ethiopians instructing the Ethiopian rioters to back down from assaulting someone and the Ethiopian rioters heeding his command. Tavin notes how “the victim was getting pummeled and how everyone obeys the command of the protest organizers. Even the Ethiopian women who were present called on the rioters to refrain from violence.” See the video below:

Ethiopian Solidarity Riot (Courtesy of: Youtube screenshot)

In another Ethiopian Solidarity protest in Tel Aviv, eye-witness Josh Breiner tweeted that “The protest is intensifying. Left-wing activists joined in and blocked the Menachem Begin Road (in Tel Aviv) and their forced evacuation is underway as you can see. There are very few actual Ethiopians here, but rather left-wing activists exclusively”.

Tweet (Courtesy of Twitter screenshot: Josh Breiner)

Israeli journalist Shimon Riklin tweeted: “Yakov Betzalel, the social justice activist from the Ethiopian community admitted to us in our program: Activists with ties to the New Israel Fund encouraged our youth to act violently”.

The NGO Standing Together, who receives backing from the New Israel Fund, called on the public via social media to join the protests where they distributed signs. Careful to avoid responsibility for the protests, the organization bragged about joining the protest tweeting “with much pride, we have enlisted in the protests spearheaded by the Ethiopian community.” The group also called on “everyone who believes in equality” to join the protestors, including Arabs.

According to Israel’s News 1 Facebook page, these organizations are “funded by George Soros and supplied logistical support for the protest as well as supplies like megaphones.” Far left-wing activists like former Breaking the Silence head Dean Issacharof and Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg were photographed in the protests as well.

One source close to the matter told Israel Breaking News that “all of these protests are designed to set the stage for a new Ethiopian political party in Israel.” Now that elections are around the corner, we can expect to see that a new ‘Ethiopian’ political party will pop up that will enjoy the Ethiopian vote while playing on their collective despair and it was all designed by the New Israel Fund, who is backed by George Soros.”

990 Form New Israel Fund (photo courtesy of: IRS)

Avi Yalo, one of the main organizers of the ‘protests’, is a graduate of the Shacharit program, which is backed by the New Israel Fund.

The most violent protests took place in junctions from Haifa in the north until Ashdod in the south including Jerusalem.

“So this begs the question – Why were there no protests in places like Kiryat Shmoneh, Bet Shemesh or Eilat? After all, all of those cities have very large Ethiopian populations” the source remarked. 

“The answer has to do with the reach of the Ford Foundation backed New Israel Fund who as Nir Barkat rightly claimed “fans the flames” of the riots. That’s because the extreme left-wing protesters don’t really have a presence in most cities outside what is considered Israel’s ‘central’ region” he added.

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