When Christians are visiting Israel

July 4, 2019

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Dear Christians around the world,

This blog is written to you from deep within my heart.

I get so excited when I see thousands and thousands of Christians traveling around The Holy Land. I know how super exciting it is for you. I know many of you have saved your money for years to be able to come here and when you finally do, it takes your breath away, and you feel like you’ve come home.

You are traveling around in the land of the Bible, and the beauty and wonders of Israel has an impact on your life that no one can understand unless they come here too.

I absolutely get it, as a Christian I know exactly what you experience when coming to Israel. It is absolutely amazing and it moves you deeply to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and visit all the places from the Bible. Its incredible and it changes your life.

But my friends if that is all your trip includes you are lacking some very essential things and information that simply should be a must on every single Christian tour. Traveling around Israel and only visiting Christian sites is not even half of the picture of what a visit to Israel should be like.

When I see some pastors, leaders, churches, christian athletes or singers arranging tours to Israel, I am sadden and I am simply thinking: What in the world?!

I don’t have to tell you about the Bible or what it says: When it comes to Israel it’s all about Gods love.

Deuteronomy 7:8
“but because the LORD loved you and kept the oath which He swore to your forefathers, the LORD brought you out by a mighty hand and redeemed you from the house of slavery, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.”

Israel is God’s Holy Land, He needed a Nation and a people from where the Messiah would come and He chose Israel.

For that reason, Israel is like no other place, after all, that’s why you are coming here.

God brought His people back home to the nation that he created for them, Israel: the ancestral and Biblical Jewish homeland.

Today Israel is a vibrant land, it is a super power and against all odds, its thriving and has a strong economy. Israelis are very innovative and are inventing some of the most incredible things that all of us are using every day.

But Israel is also surrounded by enemies from without and enemies from within.

You all know that down through history the Jewish people have been murdered for no other reason than being Jewish, and that is still the case today in Israel and around the world.

Christian groups should want to interact with the Jewish people, hear their stories and struggles, learn facts on the ground, and learn the truth about Israel first hand. Especially when the main stream media is so biased and such horrific lies are being propagated about Israel ever day.

Every single group that comes to Israel should spend time on the border to Gaza where you can witness the reality of the Jewish people being traumatized from thousands of rockets flying in, and then having to live for days in bomb shelters. Thousands and thousands of acres of land has been burned down from arson kites being sent in to burn Jewish land, some even touching down in kindergartens.

Every Friday there are violent riots from terrorists inside Gaza that are storming the fence into Israel, if the IDF didn’t stand guard and protect the fence, Jews would be slaughtered. You should be in those communities meeting Jewish people, to hear about their every day life. You would be touched so deep in your heart by their love, warmth and embrace for you.

You should have family members of terror victims come and speak to your group. You yourself should look into the eyes of a child who had to bury his father or mother because of a terrorist attack or look into the eyes of a mother who had to bury her daughter because of a terrorist attack, (I did this on one of my first trips to Israel and it literally transformed my life and compelled me into doing what I’m doing today in Israel)

Do you even know just how many families are ripped apart by terror attacks in Israel, how many hearts have been crushed because of a loved one being brutally murdered only for being Jewish? Our job is not to tell them what to do or believe but to love them and stand with them.

YOU should be that person that comes with your group and meet that mother, that daughter or son of a terror victim saying, we love you, we are so sorry, we grief with you, you are not alone, we stand with you, we pray for you and we will share your story when we get home.” 

You should be that group that brings tremendous comfort like God is commanding us to do. I would think this is something that is already inside your heart, a deep love for God’s people just as you love Him.

Your group should travel all over Judea & Samaria, the heartland of Israel which the world is referring to as “The West Bank” (the name given to it by the Jordanian Arab occupiers from 1948 until 1967)

You simply have to go there to learn the facts, see for yourself and meet all of the wonderful people living there, settling in the land that God gave them. They are being called “right wing settlers”, spoken about with hate and so many lies and propaganda, you need to meet them and learn about the despicable lie of “occupation”.

Israel is reconstituted – reborn – in its own ancestral, native and Biblical homeland from the River to the Sea. The entire deception that a fraudulent Arab people calling themselves Palestinians ever had a state that the Jewish people stole is perhaps the biggest scam ever perpetrated upon the world. There has never been a Arab Palestinian state in all of recorded history, the entire fabrication of a people called Palestinians was invented as a tool to destroy 4,000 years of Jewish history in its God given native homeland.

Of course as bible believing Christians you know all of this. The history of Israel is written in the Bible, God made an everlasting covenant with the Jewish people for the land of Israel, it is not dictated by what the EU, UN or Muslims would like to decide and control which is completely falsifying history.



Yet because of the despicable lie of occupation, the BDS movement is very active in boycotting products made in Judea & Samaria, so its very important that you visit the Jewish communities and meet the people living there, spoil yourself with all of the delicious and high quality products they make and sell world wide. You must get a real understanding of the despicable lie being told about “evil settlers and settlements ”

If you are being told you cant go there because of security concerns, come on!!!

Its PERFECTLY safe traveling around Israel, something you can thank the IDF for. They are doing an outstanding job every day in keeping us safe. You should definitely have a IDF spokesperson come talk to your group about the security situation in Israel, learn about why Israel has a wall protecting her people from terror attacks.

The IDF is the most moral army but they are being portrayed as a horrible abusive army which is a lie. You should go meet some of the soldiers and learn the truth, thank them for keeping you safe while being in Israel.

Go to the Golan Heights and look into Syria and Lebanon and have an IDF spokesperson or security expert talk to you about the threats Israel is facing up there.

Go visit the Knesset, Israel Parliament.

Go visit some of all the amazing companies that is producing all of the incredible products you are using every day where ever you are living around the world.

Last thing; Go to The Temple Mount where Gods Temple stood and Jesus went to teach, learn the truth and history about The Temple Mount,

The entire history of Israel is one immense miracle. God chose to put His name on His Holy Hill, Mount Moriah: The Temple Mount.

The enemy is jealous and he has managed to prevent the Jewish people from praying on their God given Holy Mountain, which is deeply and profoundly tragic.

Even you as a Christian are now allowed to pray out loud but what you do in your heart is another thing when you are up there.

Jerusalem: A City on a Hill, God’s Holy City, the Eternal Capital of Israel.

2 Chronicles 3:1
“Then Solomon began to build the house of the LORD in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the LORD had appeared to his father David, at the place that David had prepared on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite”.

A Christian tour around Israel should be so much more than “doing Christian things” It should be educational because the lies, indictments, propaganda and deception towards Israel and the Jewish people are simply horrific, when you come here it is crucially important you stand with the Jewish people, you learn the truth, facts and the history, so it is deep rooted in your heart. Then you can go home and share it and be an advocate for God and His nation.

If you are coming to Israel and your program doesn’t have any of these things on the schedule be sure to contact your travel agent or leader and say,

Hey, our trip is lacking something very important..We need to go and meet the Jewish people and comfort them and learn about the security situation in Israel, and we definitely need to visit Gods Holy Hill”

So now my dear friends, I hope that all of you bible believing Christian‘s will realize visiting only Christian sites when you come to Israel is only half of what a wonderful trip should be like.

If not, I really feel sad for you because you need the best and you need to learn the facts on the ground, and most importantly with anti-Semitism rising all over the world with even more hate towards the Jewish people, if Christians are flocking to Israel but don’t care or show any interest in meeting and loving Gods people in any practical way, especially when there are so many family members from terror victims with broken hearts, then what kind of testimony are you leaving? As God loves His people so should you!

If Christians don’t come to Israel and do what God commands us to do, then who will?

Isaiah 40:1 
“Comfort, comfort My people,” says your God.

Come to Israel and be transformed and blessed in all areas of your life, and when you do, Ill be here to give you a hug and say: Welcome to The Holy Land.

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