BIN’s Berkowitz Tells Israeli TV “Prophecy Coming to Life”

July 2, 2019

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What Breaking Israel News has been doing since 2014 is starting to attract the attention of mainstream news outlets. 

On June 30, i24NEWS, an Israeli news and current affairs television station with a significant Christian Zionist audience, aired a video interview with Breaking Israel News’ own Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz.  

Eliyahu Berkowitz (Photo: Courtey of: Youtube)

As part of a weekly feature magazine called Holy Land Uncovered, Berkowitz was interviewed by Emily Frances, Emmy Award-winning newscaster and correspondent for i24 News. The interview took place near his home in the Golan region in Northern Israel. 

The two spoke about the intersection of Biblical prophecy and news from Israel, a trademark of Breaking Israel News

Indeed, my God does nothing Without having revealed His purpose To His servants the Neviim.

Amos 3:7

In the three minute segment, Berkowitz mentioned that he’s written over 2,100 articles for Breaking Israel News. “There have only been two days in the last three and a half years when I’ve been unable to find a story about something in the Messiah happening.

“We are in the Land of Israel and things that happen here are more closely connected to the unfolding revelation of the Messiah,” Berkowitz told Frances.

The two also spoke about the role of President Trump, what’s happening on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the work of the nascent Sanhedrin.

About being interviewed by the mainstream news source, Berkowitz commented, “I believe that Breaking Israel News is the only Jewish news service that’s writing about what is happening in those areas in the Land of Israel. 

“I actually expect more news reports like this. When I go to events having to do with the Temple or events like that, there are more and more mainstream media and they are no longer treating it as a fringe element. They are realizing that this is what many people are interested in and what many people support. 

“And God-willing, this trend will continue,” he concluded.

Frances, who moved to Israel six years ago, told Breaking Israel News about her own interest in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. “For me, this is part of my own personal, spiritual journey. I myself have gone through a really profound experience in my first years of aliyah [immigration to Israel].

“So finding Adam on the Breaking Israel News website was such a blessing for me; to find other people talking about these topics was exciting. I’m getting to do these pieces in a legitimate journalistic format.”

Frances emphasized that “It’s our responsibility to help the nations, to be credible sources as journalists, and let it fall on the ears of people searching for something.”

According to the i24NEWS website, Holy Land Uncovered weekly magazine features stories about “faith, religion and the history of the region.” Each weekly episode is approximately 45 minutes long and includes a combination of location-based stories and in-studio interviews.

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