Jewish Torah Scholars to Give Online Crash-Course Preparing World for End of Days

July 2, 2019

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A rare opportunity for non-Jews to learn from Jews about geula (redemption) is coming to a computer near you.

Beginning June 30, 2019, and continuing for three weeks, seventeen Orthodox Jewish teachers from Israel and America will be in conversation about the Jewish view of the End of Days and how to prepare yourself spiritually for what’s coming.

Anyone with an internet connection can listen in for free.

Breaking Israel News spoke to Shifra Hendrie, the convener of The Global Geula Summit about why she’s coordinate this event and why she is encouraging non-Jews to register and listen in.


“I decided to produce the summit because so many people are uneasy and confused by the turbulent and chaotic events of our times,” Hendrie said to Breaking Israel News.

In contrast, “Those who are deeply familiar with the Torah, however, are excited and empowered, because they know that we are witnessing the unfolding of a whole new, blessed world.”

Although the teachers, both men, and women, are all Orthodox Jews, their topics include universal themes that will enable listeners to “learn how to internalize the light of geula.” The teachers most familiar to Breaking Israel News readers include Rabbi Pinchas Winston, Rabbi Alon Anava and Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

“Geula is for everyone because geula is God’s vision for humanity,” Hendrie explained.  “Torah prophecies tell us that at this time, the nations of the world will begin to seek a deeper truth and a deeper relationship with God. The summit is being offered to help that prophecy come to life.”

Thus said the lord of Hosts: In those days, ten men from nations of every tongue will take hold—they will take hold of every Yehudi by a corner of his cloak and say, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that Hashem is with you.” Zechariah 8:23

Each of the speakers on the summit, which includes world-class Torah teachers, will be in conversation with Hendrie for 90 minutes.  The conversations will be live at 11 AM Eastern time each day the summit is active and will be available for a limited time on replay.

Hendrie is well-known for her in-depth interviews.  She will explore each expert’s unique perspective on the general topic of redemption, how the energy of redemption is changing the world and how individuals can grow, by tapping into that spiritual potential. Some conversations will include interactive exercises in which listeners can participate.

At press time, specific topics were still being finalized but are expected to include Cosmic Israel: How To Tap Into The Heart Of The Universe Wherever You Are, Divine Relationships: How To Create Intimacy Through Connecting With Your Soul, Consciousness And The Future of Mankind and many more.

Hendrie elaborated, “The summit is designed to share Torah and Torah prophecies with sincere people of all backgrounds, so they can start to understand the deeper meaning, or ‘inside story’ of what’s happening in our world,  and help them step into their unique mission and actually participate in the unfolding of redemption.”

Hendrie herself is an experienced spiritual mentor and teacher. Through Gate of Unity, she has worked with thousands of individuals worldwide, using authentic Torah wisdom to help them transform their lives.  To publicize the summit, she wrote, “When you connect to the light of geula, you can stop struggling, and START LIVING… with authentic Divine purpose, power and joy.”

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