Arabs try To Burn Down Home of Anti-Jihad Politician Near Mt of Olives, Jerusalem

June 30, 2019

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Arab terrorists in Jerusalem tried to burn down the house of Aryeh King, a right-wing activist and member of the Jerusalem city municipality reports 0404

Aryeh King, one of the original residents of Maale Zeitim (Olive Heights), a Jerusalem neighborhood adjacent to the Mount of Olives, is a well known right-wing activist and Jerusalem city councilman who has fought against the attempted Arab takeover of the capital.

In August of 2018, King lambasted law enforcement for their failure to shut down the “obnoxious” noise pollution from Muslim muezzins, especially during the Muslim festival of Eid El Fitr. 

King was also the only city council member who spoke out against illegal Arab building in Jerusalem. He blasted then-Mayor Nir Barakat for approving more legal building permits for Jerusalem Arabs in an effort to curb illegal Arab construction. (King maintained the position that one has nothing to do with the other). 

King founded the Israel Land Fund (ILF). The fund’s mission is to purchase a property from Arab owners in East Jerusalem and sell them to Jews who want to settle there. Although legal, this activity has drawn much criticism from pro-Palestinian and left-wing activists across the board.

As reported by Breaking Israel News, King praised the eviction of Arab squatters from a Jewish owned home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shimon Hatzaddik (Simon the Just) back in 2017.

“Seventy years have passed since the Hubara family was expelled from its home [in Shimon Hatzaddik],” said King, “and after the owners of the property let Arab tenants live in the property for about five years without paying any rent, and after the tenants caused damage [to the property], harming the owners financially, this eviction was unavoidable” King added.

He also vowed that there would be more evictions of this nature in the future. 


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