“Cemeteries for the Living” Victims of Palestinian Authority Torture Testify to the Hague (Warning Graphic)

June 24, 2019

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According to their testimony, many Palestinian Arabs who were accused of collaborating with Israel, were allegedly tortured by the Palestinian Authority reports Yisrael Hayom. Several of them are using Israel’s help to file claims against the Palestinian Authority at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. On Monday, evidence submitted by Arab victims of PA torture will be presented.

In a judgment handed down two years ago by Israeli Judge Moshe Drori, the Palestinian Authority is responsible for the severe mistreatment of its detainees, including: the murder, abduction, imprisonment, torture and rape of 52 Israeli Arabs and Palestinian citizens of Judea and Samaria.

The verdict depicted appalling torture techniques such as electric shocks, prolonged hanging upside-down, boiling plastic to drip onto skin, the removal of nails and teeth, sterilization, sleep deprivation, starvation, murder and even the rape of family members.

According to the ruling, which states that the PA is responsible for the murder and torture of its detainees, the court ordered the PA to compensate the plaintiffs NIS 14 million (approximately $3.8M), for the denial of freedom, and NIS 1.5 million (approximately $415,500) in court fees.

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice and attorney Barak Kedem of the Arbus-Kedem-Zur law firm, are representing the plaintiffs in the Jerusalem District Court. They have collaborated to “reflect to the world the cruelty of the Palestinian Authority regarding the inmates imprisoned in its prisons.”

“A systematic and well oiled mechanism of violence”

Today they will present the horrific testimonies of the victims to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands. Attorney Uri Morad, director of the International Legal Department at the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, stated: “In February, we petitioned the court in The Hague demanding a criminal investigation against Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for crimes he committed against his own people, Murder, torture and illegal arrests against the Palestinian population. The testimonies, which will be submitted tomorrow, point to a systematic and well oiled mechanism that oppresses the civilian population with violent means. “

“The fact that there are people who have experienced this ‘hell’ should shock any human being, no matter which nation you belong to, and what your political views are.” Morad also expressed hope that their appeal to The Hague and other world leaders “will cause them to reconsider whether or not they want to continue transferring funds to the Palestinian Authority, and that the court in The Hague will settle the score with the perpetrators of the atrocities in the PA, “added attorney Barak Kedem.

‘We must investigate Abu Mazen’

“It is important for the world to know how cruel the PA is,” explained Flavia Svalda, director general of the Jerusalem Institute for Justice, “We ask the leaders to use their pull to end the assault on human life, security and freedom that is being perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority. We also ask the leaders to help put pressure on the PA leadership to compensate the Palestinian plaintiffs who have experienced terror and torture and call upon the world to open its eyes and act, “Svalda added.

While preparing for the testimony, several victims agreed to stand in front of a camera and tell their stories. “I wanted to die more than 20 times a day, because of the suffering. The torture was horrible. Once they put me on an electric chair, I was sure I would die.”

“The senior officer showed me an explosive belt and said that I will put on my explosive belt and carry out an attack in Israel, or they would kill me here,” he added. “They brought me to Jibril Rajoub,” another victim explained in his testimony

The video testimonies are being transferred to The Hague. Among them is that of a Palestinian Arab who testified that after he crossed into (pre-1948) Israel to carry out a terrorist attack. He was then seriously injured in a car crash. He was subsequently transported to a hospital in Israel, treated and cleared for release. After receiving medical treatment in Israel, he completely changed his views and collaborated with Israel to help them fight their war on terror.

“The revenge of the Palestinian Authority was particularly cruel,” explained the victim. “My wife gave birth in her seventh week and my daughter needed an incubator. The PA forced her out of the hospital and my daughter, out of the incubator. Today, she is 17-years old and suffers from both physical and cognitive disabilities.”


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