Awkward confrontation Ensues when American Transgender Tourist Tries to Enter Western Wall

June 20, 2019

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Sophie McGrill , an American ‘transgender’ tourist, tried to enter the men’s section at the Western Wall. However, she faced resistance from the usher as well as other Jewish worshipers at the ancient monument. The usher politely explained that there are “two genders – male and female, men here (pointing to the men’s section), and women there (pointing to the women’s section).”

At that point, Sophie’s friend got involved asking the religious usher “How do you know what gender she is?” He replied “You can see”. Her friend persisted: “How?”

A that point, the usher lost patience with the group’s provocation and told them to leave the entrance to the men’s area. When the LGBT group insisted, the usher lost patience saying in a  sarcastic tone “I am a provocateur. I am not letting you in”.

A member of the group then told Sophie “it’s not his job, he can’t tell you. Go around and go in”. At that point Sophie slipped by the usher while her friends distracted him and began approaching the Western Wall. When the usher realized what was going on and tried to block Sophie’s entrance, her friend grabbed them.

At that point, another man stepped in and tried to block Sophie’s progress but she simply forced her way through.  A confrontation ensued however she did manage to reach the Western Wall.

According to Ynet, after Mcgrill exited the men’s section, her LGBT friends welcomed her outside with hugs and encouragement. “I did not intend to make a political statement. I just wanted to touch the f—ing Wall” Sophie said.

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