Sanhedrin Mints King David Coin to Usher in Davidic Dynasty

June 18, 2019

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As the next stage in the Messianic process, the Sanhedrin of Israel released a new coin honoring King David in preparation for re-establishing the Davidic Dynasty.  

Mordechai Persoff who established the Mikdash Educational Center and is marketing the coin initiative explained the significance of the new project.

“Throughout history, governments issued coins to establish their sovereignty and to mark the passage of an era,” Persoff told Breaking Israel News. “We initially issued a coin honoring President Trump and his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital. That was undoubtedly a major step in the geula (redemption) process so we issued a Trump-Cyrus coin to mark the entrance of the new era. But that was just a preparation for the Temple, the Davidic Dynasty, and the Messiah. We are symbolizing that upcoming era by minting this coin.”

The coin, bearing superimposed images of the U.S. President and the Persian King Cyrus who ended the Babylonian exile and aided in the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, was a massive success and thousands of the coins were sold around the world.

“Trump’s actions will be meaningless unless the lead to the ultimate goal of the Third Temple and the re-establishment of the Davidic dynasty,” Persoff warned. “It is for this reason that we issued the King David coin: as a physical reminder of what our era must accomplish.”

To emphasize this point, the coin was issued on the seventh day of the month of Sivan, the day after the holiday of Shavuot. According to Jewish tradition, King David was born and also died on the holiday of Shavuot. On Shavuot, Jews read the Book of Ruth which describes her union with Boaz, the grandparents of King David.

“Ruth was the first from among the nations who recognized that God is the king,” Persoff explained. “That is why she merited to be the grandmother of David and the matriarch of Messiah.”

The coin bears the name of David and the image of a crown. King David originally purchased from the Araunah the Jebusite the site of the altar and courtyards of the Temple, including the place of the Holy of Holies, on Mount Moriah, known as Zion after the fortress that King David had conquered.The verse describing David’s purchase of the land for the Temple from Araunah the Jebusite is inscribed on the face of the coin in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

“So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekalim of silver.” II Samuel 24:24

According to the version of the book of Divrei Ha-yamim (Chronicles) in the amount of 600 Shekalim, which each tribe contributed fifty shekels, and therefore all the people of Israel were partners in purchasing the hallowed ground of the Temple and Jerusalem, which is referred to as a temple, and was never divided among the tribes.

According to Midrash (homiletic teachings), there are three places in Israel that the nations cannot say Israel stole because the Bible explicitly states the full price was paid by Abraham, Jacob, and David: Hebron, Shechem (Nablus), and the Temple Mount. 

“This coin symbolizes that purchase,” Persoff said. “And what you bought for full price, you cannot divide.”

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, the spokesman for the Sanhedrin, emphasized that the project is a powerful symbol of the Messianic process.

“The coin foreshadows the yearning for the return of the kingdom to Israel through the dynasty of the House of David, the Messiah of Israel, the judge of the world and who brings wisdom to it. We wait, the people of Israel for the redeemer, in flesh and blood, and even though he may tarry we continue to wait for him, every day,” he wrote. “We commemorate US President Donald Trump in connection with his Messianic activities. Donald Trump is the numerical value of the Messiah, the Son of David, who comes from Edom. Which until now has taken great steps in the rebirth of Israel and the dignity of Jerusalem like a biblical figure which we mentioned first in the world by minting Trump coins.”

“We pray that God, God of Israel, Creator of the world, will guide him and will guide him in his plan, which will be unveiled in favor of the people of Israel and the return to Zion. Will ask the Jews of the world to return to their home land. And his leadership will guarantee peace and love throughout all the nations, and let their hearts go in the ways of the Creator in peace and love.”

Persoff explained that there is a dispute as to whether the Temple will be built before the Messiah or will be built at the same time.

“In either case, we need to be prepared to build the Temple at the earliest possible moment, either before or concurrent with the Messiah,” Persoff said. “We cannot wait until the Moshiach (Messiah) is already here to prepare the Temple. By then, it will be too late.”

The coin is beautifully gold-plated since the name ‘David’ in gematria (Hebrew numerology) equals 14, equivalent to the word ‘zahav’ (gold). As such, the coin contains 14 grams of 14 karat gold.

Money from the sale of the coins is used in projects that help educate and bring the Temple. In the past, the Mikdash Educational Institute and the Sanhedrin hosted a Creation Concert for the 70 Nations and held full-dress Temple reenactments. The King Cyrus/President Trump coin can be purchased at the Israel 365 online store. The King David coin and others can be purchased at the Mikdash Institute’s website.

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