US Special Envoy Carr Identifies Threat of Antisemitism from Three Directions

May 16, 2019

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U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Elan Carr warned on Tuesday about antisemitism from three different directions.

“In Europe, we have a confluence of antisemitism, from ultra-right ethnic supremacist movements to the ultra-left anti-Israel, anti-Zionist movements, to radical Islam,” he said at the general convention for the Conference of European Rabbis in Antwerp, Belgium.

“These are movements that should hate each other far more than they hate anything else,” continued Carr. “And yet they are united in this age-old sickness of humanity, antisemitism—what [U.S] President [Donald] Trump calls the vile poison of antisemitism.”

“Antisemitism isn’t only about the Jews,” he added. “Antisemitism is history’s greatest barometer of human misery, and a society that has imbibed its poison is rotten to the core.”

Carr reiterated that the Trump administration is “committed in an unprecedented fashion to the Jewish people, to the fight against antisemitism in the world or to the state of Israel.”

He added that the kosher-slaughter bans in places, such as in Belgian regions Wallonia and Flanders, as “nothing other than a forced expulsion of the Jewish community from the countries that adopt this kind of legislation. It is intolerable.”

The Flanders ban took effect on Jan. 1, while the Wallonia one will take effect in September.

Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Slovenia all ban religious slaughter without pre-stunning.

Excluding poultry, Lichtenstein and Switzerland also require pre-stunning.

Carr told the audience, “You are the key to solving this problem [of antisemitism]. You the spiritual leaders who stand with congregations throughout Europe and throughout the world, who help Jews redefine Judaism, who make us rediscover our love and passion for the Jewish people. You hold your fingers on the pulse of exactly what we need today.”

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