African Pastor Accuses Bishops Of Lying About Israel

April 15, 2019

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On Friday afternoon, pro-Israel Nigerian Pastor Rex Ajenifuja spoke out strongly against a group of his fellow Christian clergy members who he claims were sent by the BDS movement to criticize Israel. In an exclusive video created for Breaking Israel News, Pastor Ajenifuja explains why he believes the bishops from South Africa are lying about the true nature of Israel.

For the convenience of our readers who may have difficulty understanding some of Pastor Ajenifuja’s Nigerian accent, the video has been almost entirely transcribed below.

“Good afternoon. My name is Rex Ajenifuja. I’m a pastor from Nigeria and I’m also the Executive Director of an organization called I Stand With Israel in Nigeria. Wednesday, I arrived in Israel and when I arrived, I got to understand that some bishops from South Africa also arrived around the same time.

“And these bishops that arrived in Israel, they were in Israel for a different purpose. They were in Israel for a negative purpose. They are in Israel to attack Israel. They are in Israel to condemn Israel. They are in Israel to call Israel, to declare Israel as an apartheid state.

“I am here to denounce, to contradict their claim to challenge them, to declare that these bishops are not sincere, their submissions are not substantiated and they are false. I repeat: they are not sincere, their submissions are not substantiated and their submissions are based on false.

“First of all, I want to say that Israel is not an apartheid nation, it’s not an apartheid state. There have been a lot of submissions. People have said it, but I’m not going to go into what people have said before now. But I am particular about this set of bishops from South Africa. That they are false and they are not sincere.

“First of all, for them to say that in Israel, they stole the lands in Israel and that is why they could come to Israel and come and attack Israel with the government that is involved. They can’t dare try that in Moscow, in Tehran or any other nation. If they go there and [unclear] the state and I’m sure the same plane that brought them in would take them back. So because Israel is a tolerant state, not an apartheid state, and that is why they could come and declare Israel as an apartheid state if it were in the territory of Israel.

“These bishops, they are not sincere. Why do I say they are not sincere? They are hypocrites. Hypocrites in the sense that in South Africa, currently ongoing is a violence called xenophobic violence [ violence against foreigners]. Xenophobic violence is so high right now in South Africa that I am in Nigeria on Monday, two Nigerians were stabbed to death, one in Pretoria and one in Cape Town. Two Nigerians were stabbed to death in the ongoing xenophobia crisis in South Africa.

“And these South African bishops left their home, left the crisis at home, ignore what was happening at home, and they travel all the way to Israel to come and condemn Israel. Can you see the hypocrisy?

“And my Bible tells me that you remove first the speck in your eyes before you can see to  remove the log in another person’s eyes. Fortunately in Israel, there is no log in Israel. Israel is a free state. Israel is a nation that is tolerant, and that is why they can come and say it.

“Israel! I can see justice. There is human rights. There is freedom of speech in Israel. They came, they are arriving at the same time Israel just concluded an election, an election that was judged the best crisis-free, error-free election in this part of the world, where every tribe in Israel exercise their franchise.

“I saw it on the results sheet. Arabs were voted for. Arabs also voted, so can that be obtainable? That was not obtainable during the apartheid era in South Africa where some groups were excluded from exercising their franchise.

“And these bishops, you know, claiming that Israel is an apratheid state, even at the eve of elections that was free of fear, that was all-encompassing, that every tribe in Israel, both minority and majority were carried along, both the center-right, the center-left, everyone was carried along.

“And you dare come to say that the nation is an apartheid nation?! No! That is why I say [unclear]

“I’m a pastor. And I read my Bible. I’m sure what’s in the Bible concerning these bishops. You can find it. These bishops are hypocrites. You can find it in the Book of Numbers, chapter 22 and chapter 23.

“They are contractors. Balak contracted Baalam to come and attack Israel. So exactly the same thing that is operating now. I am sure they are being contracted.

“The Balak in this case is the BDS movement. The BDS in South Africa or somewhere else have sponsored this mission to come and attack Israel. And I know if that same story, no division  against Israel, no chastisement against Jacob. I know that what they are saying will hold no water.

“I want to say that these bishops, they are false bishops because in the Bible, we as Christians, we are taught to love Israel and Israel is the apple of His eyes. Israel is the heartbeat of God. But these bishops are coming to curse the apple of His eyes. Curse not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.

“Do not touch My anointed ones; do not harm My neviim.” Psalms 105:15

“So they have come to harm Israel. I am sure they know that what they are doing is counterproductive to their own destiny, to their own spirituality.

“So I am saying that these bishops, they are not sincere, they are hypocrites, they are not of God. I am the pastor. I am declaring them contrary to what they have come to do in Israel. That it is based on falsehood. It is insincere and unfortunately, they are false prophets. They are false contractors who have come to destroy their own lives, thinking that they have come to destroy Israel.

“I hereby declare that God bless Israel. God bless Israel! And God bless Israel. Shalom.”

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