Report: Israel Consents to UN Payout of $300 Million in Wake of Hamas Rockets

March 31, 2019

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Despite five missiles fired at southern Israel and 40,000 Gazan rioters challenging the border, an agreement between Israel and Hamas is being implemented that includes massive payouts to Hamas.

On Friday, Hamas celebrated one year of violent riots against the Israeli border by leading 40,000 rioters in throwing stones and hand grenades at IDF soldiers. At least two Gazans were reported killed. IDF spokesman Ronen Manelis said Hamas had “operated with restraint not seen in the past year.”

Debka Files, an English language Israeli military intelligence website, reported that as per the terms of the Egyptian brokered ceasefire with Hamas, the Israeli government has consented to the UN beginning to draw on the $300 million fund for Gaza Strip’s economic development accumulated from donations by different countries.

According to Debka, other terms of the agreement include:

  • Expansion of the flow of food supplies crossing into the Gaza Strip as well as building materials, which Israel restricted in the past as they were used for terror tunnels.
  • Discussions on a maritime line linking Gaza to a port in Cyprus or Egypt.
  • Hamas will halt its attacks on IDF forces defending the border fence.
  • Palestinian rocket fire against Israel will cease.
  • No more explosive balloon assaults.
  • The IDF will exercise restraint against Palestinian “demonstrators” pushing against the border fence. This is taken to mean and end to live fire.
  • Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will twist the arm of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas to release the funds he has been holding back from the Hamas regime for covering its payroll and Gaza’s electricity bills.
  • A permanent Egyptian mission will be established in Gaza City to monitor the new accord’s implementation. Its members, high-ranking Egyptian intelligence officers, were present on the ground during the Saturday demonstration.
  • No truce will be announced between Israel and Hamas. At a later date, they will announce that they are reverting to the understandings reached after Defensive Shield, Israel’s last major counter-terror operation in Gaza in 2006.

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