Syria: IDF Hit Iranian Military Targets Near Aleppo

March 28, 2019

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Sources in Syria are claiming that the IDF struck several Iranian military sites inside Syria on Wednesday night, killing at least seven Iranian militia.

The Syrian military was quoted by SANA News Agency as saying that Israel attacked the Sheikh Najjar industrial zone in Aleppo, northeastern Syria at around 11:00 PM local time. SANA quoted the Syrian military as claiming their anti-air defenses thwarted the attack. Power outages were reported in many parts of the city in the wake of the alleged attack. The Syrian military claimed that there was material damage but no casualties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) told a different story, claiming the attack targeted Iranian ammunition stores and the Nayrab (Nairab) military airport used by Iranian military near Aleppo. SOHR claims that at least eleven Iranian militia were killed in the attack. If the reports are accurate, this would be the second time that site was attacked this year.

Military experts say that Aleppo is one of the main centers for operations forIran’s Revolutionary Guards who are supporting the Assad regime.

As per their longstanding policy, the Israeli government did not comment on activities outside of Israel. The Israeli government has admitted to hitting Iranian military targets in Syria in the past and has vowed to prevent Iran from establishing a military presence in that country. Should Iran establish such a presence, it would give them a landbridge to the Mediterranean which would pose a threat to the entire region.

Israel has been coping with rocket fire from Gaza this week with one of the rockets hitting a house in central Israel.

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