Climate Change: A Project for Scientists or God’s Hand in the End of Days?

March 27, 2019

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New data from NASA shows that a huge glacier in Greenland is now growing in an unprecedented manner that seems to contradict the popular theory of global warming. The results have shocked scientists. However, people who are tuned into the process leading up to the end of days see the changes in an entirely different light.

The Jakobshavn Glacier had been Greenland’s fastest-flowing and fastest-thinning glacier over the last 20 years. NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) recently discovered, however, that the glacier is now thickening and flowing more slowly.

“The scientists were so shocked to find the change,” Ala Khazendar of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said about the findings. “At first we didn’t believe it. We had pretty much assumed that Jakobshavn would just keep going on as it had over the last 20 years.”

The colder weather that resulted in cooler waters in the region of the glacier originated over the North Atlantic Ocean. The researchers theorized that the ocean near the glacier grew colder in 2016 as a result of a climate pattern called the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). The NAO causes the northern Atlantic Ocean to switch slowly between warm and cold every five to 20 years. The NAO settled into a new phase recently, cooling the Atlantic in general. This change was accompanied by some extra cooling in 2016 of the waters along Greenland’s southwest coast, which flowed up the west coast, eventually reaching Jakobshavn.

Although the change in ocean temperatures and the resultant effect on the glacier were unexpected, the researchers predicted that this was only a temporary respite from the general warming trend. The last time this cooling phase was observed was in the 1980s.

Josh Willis of JPL, the principal investigator of OMG, explained, “Jakobshavn is getting a temporary break from this climate pattern. But in the long run, the oceans are warming. And seeing the oceans have such a huge impact on the glaciers is bad news for Greenland’s ice sheet.”

The findings in Greenland seem to contradict the belief that the earth is currently undergoing a process of rising temperatures resulting from manmade carbon emissions. This has turned into a hotly debated, politically charged agenda referred to as global warming. Proponents of global warming point to studies that indicate a decrease in ice at the earth’s poles.

Rabbi Shaul Judelman, former director of the Ecology Beit Midrash, a religious study group focused on the environment as it is treated in classical Jewish sources, was one of 43 Israeli Orthodox rabbis who signed a rabbinic climate change statement calling on the government to act for the good of the environment.

“If you are a believing person then you know this world is a gift from God,” Rabbi Judelman explained to Breaking Israel News. “That makes the issue very simple. Take care of it.”

Judelman cited a verse in Genesis as the source.

Hashem took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden, to till it and tend it. Genesis 2:15

“We can argue about the politics but we should agree on that simple concept,” Judelman said. “There is a lot of money and political power at stake on both sides of the issue but from a Biblical, God-oriented perspective, we have a responsibility to take care of the planet.

Rabbi Judelman maintained that arguing politics can push people into holding an agenda that does not reflect how they actually believe. He related a story of young, religious, right-wing Israelis established a small settlement in the hills of Samaria. A group of ecologically minded Israelis offered to help them install eco-friendly composting toilets. Though the system would have been enormously helpful in the area that was entirely off the grid, the people of the settlement refused the help, chasing them away.

“They said that ecology was a left-wing Tel Aviv agenda,” Judelman said. “Even though they were living much more ecologically and closer to nature than anyone in Tel Aviv.”

“Ecology, when couched in terms of right-wing and left-wing, has turned a universal concern into a divisive issue,” Judelman said. “A man of God should strive to be a man of truth. That means seeing the points of holiness, of truth, underneath all the lies that got piled on top of it.”

“To throw out the earth because of the ecologists would be a tragedy,” Rabbi Judelman concluded.

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, explained that climate was just another tool in the hands of God to bring about the ultimate redemption. He explained that much of the time leading up to the Messiah will be a process of clarifying who is truly righteous.

“It is inaccurate even on the most simple level to speak of ‘global climate’,” Rabbi Berger said. “No matter what the scientists say, this winter was warmer in some places and in Greenland, the ice grew larger. Some places are having a drought and others, like Iran, are being flooded. Rather than think of it as a global problem, we need to see climate and weather as part of our relationship with Hashem (God, literally ‘the name’) since He is the one who rules over nature.”

Rabbi Berger suggested that the theory of global warming conforms perfectly to a section of the Book of Malachi that describes the end-of-days.

And you shall come to see the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between him who has served Hashem and him who has not served Him.  For lo! That day is at hand, burning like an oven. All the arrogant and all the doers of evil shall be straw, and the day that is coming—said the lord of Hosts—shall burn them to ashes and leave of them neither stock nor boughs.But for you who revere My name a sun of victory shall rise to bring healing. Malachi 3:18

“If there is global warming, it will benefit the people who see in it the hand of God,” Rabbi Berger said.

The rabbi was also skeptical that the same community of scientists that created environment-destroying technology should be given the mandate to find a solution. To illustrate his point, he told a Jewish folktale describing the town of Chelm, a fictitious town of fools infamous in Jewish folklore. In one story, it is told about the bridge in Chelm which had been poorly constructed. As a result, people often slipped, hurting themselves or even falling from the bridge. The wise men of Chelm held a council and proposed a solution which was immediately adopted: a hospital was built under the bridge.

The rabbi suggested a common sense solution to global warming that would probably not be found in any scientific textbook.

“Follow the Noahide laws, read the Bible, learn to love your neighbor, take care of the earth like God commanded,” Rabbi Berger said. “Scientists cannot tell the sun what to do. They may think they can control the weather but until now, all they have done is make it worse. Be good with God and he will take care of the weather.”

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