Palestinian Terrorism’s Jewish Roots

March 26, 2019

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A retired computer pioneer has dedicated his life to uncovering the Jewish roots of the Palestinians and the results are shocking: the entire leadership of the most anti-Israel terrorist organizations all have their roots in the Jewish people.

Tzvi MiSinai was born in Jerusalem before Israel was a state. Graduating from the prestigious Technion Institute (now Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa), he became a pioneer in computer software, first for the IDF and later in private industry. MiSinai left his career in 2000 and devoted himself to investigating the Jewish roots of Palestinians. He hopes that the knowledge he reveals will help bring a truth-based solution to the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. He established The Engagement Project in the hopes of finding such a solution.

“The problem is not just terrorism,” MiSinai told Breaking Israel News. “It is not true to say the problem is just the Palestinians or just the Israelis. The problem is that we are not understanding the situation to its very depths.”

MiSinai claims that up to 90 percent of the Palestinians, in Israel as well as Gaza and Jordan, are descended from Jews. His travels around Israel and discussions with Palestinians revealed that many of them are aware of their Jewish roots but choose to remain silent.

“Because they do not know how many of their neighbors are also descended from Jews, they are afraid to speak up,” Misinai said. “Younger Palestinians don’t know about this. If this became public knowledge, that the vast majority of Palestinians have Jewish roots, the entire situation would flip over and open up discussion.”

The subject of Jewish ancestry was public knowledge within the Palestinian communities but due to the relatively recent conflict, has now become a forbidden subject. This aspect of the Arabs in Israel was also known to the founders of the Jewish state.  Early Zionist leaders David Ben-Gurion and Yitzchak Ben-Tzvi wrote about this 100 years ago but there were no studies that brought data to support their claims.

According to his research, many Jews were allowed to remain in the land of Israel after the Roman conquest to work the land and supply Rome with grain and olive oil. Some of the ancestors of the Palestinians partially converted to Christianity during the Byzantine era.

Later, with the coming of Islam, they were Islamized through a combination of mainly forced conversions, most notably at the end of the 11th century. Many held onto their Jewish heritage and continued to secretly practice Judaism.

MiSinai bases his theory on historical reports as well as testimonies from Bedouins and Palestinians. He also backs this up with several genetic studies.

“If you look at the genetics, Jews are similar to the Arabs but Ashkenazi Jews are very very close to the Palestinians,” MiSinai said. “Most of the Jews were exiled to Rome but those who remained became the Palestinians.”

Misinai denies the existence of a separate Palestinian people as a historical identity and dismisses it as an utter fabrication, seeing it as a modern socio-political construct.

As part of his travels, MiSinai interviewed several members of the Sawarka Bedouin tribe. There are about 3-4,000 of them throughout the Sinai and the Negev. One leader of the Bedouin tribe told MiSinai, “We are all Jewish. Our ancestors had no choice but to convert; this was centuries ago… I remember my mother and grandmother wouldn’t light fire on Sabbath, and they had a special mikveh (ritual bath).”

Some of the examples he gave are beyond astounding.

“Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas, has a daughter named ‘Sarah,’” Misinai said. “Muslims do not give their daughters that name because, in the Bible, Sarah sent Hagar and Ishmael away. When do they give that name? When it is the name of the grandmother. This indicates that the grandmother came from Jewish blood, or that she was born Jewish.”

It should be noted that Jewish law recognizes Jewish status as following the status of the mother however Muslim law follows the father’s identity.

“Haniyeh does not know he is Jewish but I sent him an Arabic copy of my book via a third party,” MiSinai said. “He read the book but it is not known if he entirely understood its implications as they applied to him.”

MiSinai also brought the case of Dr. Aziz Dweik, the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) ‘who represents Hamas.

“He is part of the Mughrabi clan, which not only makes him a Jew but also a Kohen (a Jewish male descended from Aaron, the Biblical high priest),” MiSinai explained.

MiSinai noted that Khaled Mashal, a Palestinian leader of Hamas who now resides in Qatar, has a family name that is quite common among Jews.

“That does not tell the whole story but it is certainly a sign that there may be something to find,” MiSinai said. “That is true of many of the leaders in Hamas but when it comes to Fatah (the largest faction of the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO]), they ALL have Jewish roots.”

MiSinai brought a shocking example: Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

“Abu Mazen is the scion of a family of distinguished rabbis,” MiSinai said. “He is descended from the family of  Rabbi Moshe Abbas who lived in Greece in the 17th Century.”

MiSinai described how the family of Haneen Zoabi, a Member of Knesset representing the Joint Arab List, is known for their Jewish customs. Zoabi is known for her vehemently anti-Israel stance which includes labeling IDF soldiers as “murderers” and participating in a flotilla that challenged the Israeli blockade of Gaza. MiSinai once confronted Zoabi in her Knesset office with this knowledge and she refused to relate to the issue.

“This is a person who has made a career out of hating Israel and the Jews,” MiSinai said. “Her Jewish roots are an entirely different story for her.”

It is interesting to note that her cousin, Sara Zoabi, and son, Muhammad, are outspoken Zionists.

Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi, berating an IDF soldier in 2012 (Credit: YouTube screenshot)

Another Palestinian who made a career of inciting against Israel is Ahed Tamimi, a young woman who became the focus of international attention in 2017 when she was arrested for abusing and slapping an IDF soldier.

“The name of the Tamimi family clearly indicates their Jewish origin,” MiSinai explained. “The name originates from the word ‘tamim,’ which means ‘innocent’ in Islam and refers to a person who ceases to publicly impersonate a Muslim whilst privately practicing the Jewish-Israeli religion.”

MiSinai interviewed the niece of Dr. Saeb Erekat who admitted that it was well-known within their family that they were descended from Jews.

“Several years ago, Erekat was in Jordan and one of the Jordanian representatives questioned him about his Jewish roots and he admitted that it was true. He was then asked if he wanted to form one state and join with his Jewish brethren. He rejected the one-state solution, insisting that the two-state solution was preferable.”

MiSinai conjectured that Erekat’s preference was not based on the national best-interests of the Palestinians but, rather, on political interests which may include the massive foreign funding being funneled into the effort to establish a separate Palestinian state within the borders of Israel.

As shocking as these revelations are, they are only a small part of the picture. MiSinai stated that several of the ruling families of Arab nations are from Jewish roots, including the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Muammar Gaddafi, the despotic ruler of Libya until he was deposed and killed in 2011, came from a Bedouin family. In 2012, Nuri al-Samara, Gaddafi’s former chief of protocol, told the daily Al-Hayat that Gaddafi’s mother was born Jewish. At 18, she married a Muslim man and converted. She reportedly paid frequent visits to relatives in Netanya and give money to the synagogue.

“When the facts are finally revealed, the truth admitted to and acknowledged, this will be the greatest revolution in the history of the region,” MiSinai said. “They are not Jewish according to halacha (Torah law) but they share in our genealogy.”

MiSinai envisions several points that come out from this revelation.

“We need to help Palestinians advance through education and culture,” MiSinai said. “Because of this common past and not by some artificial and foreign imposed political agenda. One nation and one people, because we are one people, is the only solution that can work. They can remain Muslim and receive full citizenship and all that entails.”

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