New Israel Fund stands with the United Nations against Israel

March 24, 2019

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Ronn Torossian

The investigative commission of the United Nations Human Rights Council that examined the most recent round of violence on the Israel-Gaza border presented its findings on Thursday,, saying it found “reasonable grounds” that Israeli security forces violated international law.

The panel recommended that UN members consider imposing individual sanctions, such as a travel ban or freezing the assets of those identified as responsible by the commission. The UN commission also recommended that materials it collected be transferred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The commission “recommends that states ([that are} parties to the Geneva Conventions and/or to the Rome Statute carry out their duty to exercise criminal jurisdiction and arrest persons alleged to have committed, or who ordered to have committed, the international crimes described in the present report, and either to try or to extradite them.”

Said findings were rejected by Israeli officials across the political spectrum, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said that Israel outright rejects the report: “The council has set new records of hypocrisy and lies out of an obsessive hatred for Israel.”

Naturally, organizations funded by the New Israel Fund contributed to this report which damages the State of Israel and recommends the arrests of members of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  Shame on them.

The New Israel Fund has contributed more than $10 Million to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel – which called for the Israeli government to establish a commission of inquiry to examine the events that took place along the fence.

“It is impossible to ignore the death and injury of dozens of civilians, among them, women and children, by claiming self-defense,” said ACRI, which petitioned the High Court against the open-fire orders of the Israel Defense Forces: “After the court refused to examine, as it should have, the army’s open-fire orders and use of force on the ground, and in light of the difficult findings of the UN, the government of Israel must establish a commission of inquiry.”

Among the other organizations which testified or submitted material to the United Nations were organizations funded by the New Israel Fund to the tune of tens of millions of dollars,  including Yesh Din, B’Tselem and Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.

Adalah – the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel lauded the UN report, calling it “a harsh indictment of the Israeli government.”

“The commission adopted the stance of Adalah and other human rights organizations which rejected the High Court decision that allowed the continuation of fatal use of firepower against unarmed demonstrators in Gaza,” said Adalah director Hassan Jabareen.

Attorney Michael Sfard, the legal adviser of Yesh Din, who testified before the commission told Haaretz that “my testimony was part of Yesh Din’s attempt to stop the illegal and immoral use of live fire against thousands of Gazan demonstrators.”

But B’Tselem wasn`t satisfied only with its testimony-  Ahead of the UN Human Rights Council meeting (March 18, 2019) on the findings of the UN commission of inquiry into the 2018 Gaza protests, B’Tselem issued a position paper explaining that Israel’s promise to “investigate” 11 incidents in which protesters were killed is mere propaganda.

In a letter, B’Tselem’s director, Hagai El-Ad called upon the head of the commission, Santiago Canton, to reject the lies Israel has woven while killing more unarmed protesters: “A real change in Israeli policy will only take place if the international community demands it clearly and unequivocally, and if it stops allowing Israel to do no more than offer hollow promises of ‘investigation’.”

In the position paper, B’Tselem explains why announcing investigations is a standard ploy that Israel employs to ease international pressure whenever its unlawful policy elicits criticism:

…”The “investigations” carried out by the military whitewashing mechanism, under the leadership of the Military Advocate General (MAG), are meaningless other than their role in aiding Israel’s effort to silence international criticism…The international community must stop buying into Israel’s propaganda ploys concerning so-called “investigations… Therefore, the international community must make the most of its power and influence to compel Israel to change its policy and immediately cease the gunfire at protesters who pose no danger”.

it is clear that The New Israel Fund (NIF) harms the State of Israel – the organization actively supports a boycott of Israel, punitive measures against the Israel Defense Forces, and funds a litany of anti-Israel causes. To stand with the New Israel Fund is to stand against Israel.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Israel National News

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