Non-Jewish Women Join Jewish Women In Praying for the Messianic Era

March 11, 2019

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On Tuesday, February 26, over 20,000 Jewish women gathered in over 100 different locations worldwide to dance, sing and pray for the arrival of the Messianic era. These events were called Geula (redemption) Gatherings. Thanks to a story about the event on Breaking Israel News, groups of non-Jewish women conducted Geula Gatherings of their own.

In the original story, Rivka Malka Perlman, the Baltimore-based Geula Gatherings coordinator, specifically encouraged non-Jewish women when she said, “I’ve had a fair amount of non-Jewish people get very, very excited about this. I feel like one of those on the front lines with all the prophecies coming true and all the Nations coming closer to Torah.

“If you want to make your own Geula Gathering because you are yearning for Hashem, please do! The website is very geared for Jewish people, because that is the comfort of the audience that is currently participating, but I want to encourage you that redemption is for everyone.”

Reading this, Sherry Lush, who works in the offices of Pastor Mark Biltz’s El Shaddai Ministries in Sumner, Washington, was inspired to create something local for her congregation.

Lush told Breaking Israel News how strongly she connected with what Jewish women were planning, “When I read [the] article in Breaking Israel News about Jewish women doing Geula Gatherings all over the world, it was a moment in time I will never forget. Joining with others whose hearts have an overwhelming desire to see this day has been a yearning in my soul for my whole life, and I instantly knew we had to join in this time. My heart’s desire is to join in the chorus you are leading and call for This Great Day!”

The great day of Hashem is approaching, Approaching most swiftly. Hark, the day of Hashem! It is bitter: There a warrior shrieks! Zephaniah 1:14

Pastor Mark Biltz also read the article and encouraged Lush and her colleagues by saying, “We must do this!” Less than a week later, an event focused on praying for the arrival of the Messiah and the inauguration of the Messianic Era came together at El Shaddai Ministries. “It was a joy to work on this event, as I watched the Lord pull every last detail together that would usually take much longer, but this happened with His Hand pulling every detail together!” Lush enthused.

The group of 40 women opened with corporate prayer, reciting the Shema, which is among the most important of all Jewish prayers, emphasizing the absolute Oneness of God. They also recited sections of the Amidah, the central prayer in every Jewish prayer service, that relate to geula. These include blessings for the ingathering of the exiles, for rebuilding the Holy Temple and reinstating the Temple service in Jerusalem and for reestablishing the kingship of the Jewish messiah who is descended from King David.

After these and other scriptural selections, the women, “moved into worship with singing and flagging and dancing!” Lush recounted. “It was truly a time of great unity as we were all there for one purpose – to call on the Lord to bring the geula.”

Susie McElroy shared what it meant to her, as a Christian, to partner with Jewish women worldwide, “I am beyond blessed to have been able to join thousands of Jewish women to pray for the geula this past February 26th. I am a Christian who loves Israel, the Jewish people and I have dedicated my life to supporting them and working to build bridges between us.

“To think that the ladies of our congregation could gather together to join these thousands of amazing Jewish women to pray for the final redemption is nothing short of prophecy being unfolded right before our eyes! Miraculous! What an absolute honor to be used by God this way!

“At our gathering we danced, we had worship music, we had flaggers and of course we prayed.  It was beautiful and intimate. All the women walked away stunned at the magnitude of the event, asking if we could please gather and pray for the final redemption on a regular basis. Joy unspeakable!” McElroy eagerly recounted.

Janna Johnson believes the joint prayers will resonate for a long time. “It was a tremendous privilege.” she said, “to join Jewish women around the world in worship of the Lord and prayer for the redemption of all things! What an incredible blessing to know that this night of unity in purpose of Godly women will have eternal consequences.”

Another participant, Gwen Hillius, shared her impressions of the evening, “On Tuesday, February 26th, I had the privilege of joining in an evening of exceptional fellowship with other women from El Shaddai Ministries. Our purpose was to connect with women from around the world and particularly our sisters in Israel as we all prayed for HaShem‘s (God’s) great redemption.”

“It was a joyous time of fellowship, prayer and celebration. But it was also a time of intimacy as we sang and danced. It seemed we were all united with inner, unique purpose. We were echad (one)! Truly, l I believe we all sensed the greater purpose of the significance of the occasion.”

Lush has a message for Jewish women worldwide. “Thank you so much for leading the way from Jerusalem and for allowing us to join you in calling out to Heaven for the geula! We pray you hear and know our love for you and thank you with all our hearts for letting us participate with you.

“It was absolutely amazing to participate in this with you and like-hearted women all over the world! We believe with all our hearts that it is about to happen, and yearn for and pray for the day,” she concluded.

Ten thousand miles away, in Vanderbijlpark South Africa, Rita Boshoff, who had met Perlman, the Geula Gatherings coordinator, at and event in South Africa last year, was considering creating a Geula Gathering.

But it was not until reading Perlman’s invitation in Breaking Israel News that she made the decision, “I read [the] article where you had an interview with Rivka Malka and you wrote about the fact that she is inviting the non-Jews to participate and that gave me the green light to go ahead. Yes it was [that] article that opened the door for me,” Boshoff explained.

“We at Ezekiel 37 Restoration, [came] together, firstly because we feel a heartfelt yearning for the restoration of Israel, the place and people of HaShem to be restored as in the days of old within this generation,” she noted. Their local event included prayer, music, dance, praises and a deep experience of, “the power of unity that will open the ‘sea’ before us to walk through on dry land,” Boshoff explained.

And the Israelites went into the sea on dry ground, the waters forming a wall for them on their right and on their left. Exodus 14:22

In advance of the event, Boshoff connected with a group of geula-oriented Jewish women on an international texting app. She shared how being in that group connected her to the growing geula energy.

“At the moment, I am observing and taking in as well as sharing in the ‘magic’ and awesomeness of the moment. Watching and reading the excitement and expectation for Moshiach (Messiah) from the Jewish women… it almost makes me jealous in a way. And may I say that tears were flowing more often than usual these couple of weeks, in the wake of this tangible readiness for February 26.”

Boshoff was moved by what she saw emanating from the Jewish women. “Anticipating the geula like never before. In all my years, as I grew up in a Christian home since birth, I was astonished to see the passion and deep awaiting for the coming of Moshiach ben David (Messiah, son of David).

“Never in a million years was I prepared for this moment in time. These Jewish women are so passionate with love, not only for each other but for the goal, the purpose, the geula… it felt like the wave was nearing the shore and I wait with these women over the world for Moshiach ben David to come!”

Below is an excerpt from a longer poem Boshoff wrote to express her feelings as a non-Jewish woman towards her Jewish sisters.

I have dreamt night after night of how it would be to be part of your oneness

I see your dedication and feel shame on this side, as the border set between us is clear

I want to come closer but know it will not be easy even after 3 years of trying

I see the looks and I know I am not welcome but I cannot keep myself from pushing forward even in the difficulty of rejection

I pray for you and ask HaShem to open doors

I cry because I love you not with a human love but a love from above

I know one day we will walk the streets of gold in Yerushalayim

I yearn with you for the coming of Moshiach

I read and pray for the seat of Melech David to be lifted in the Holy City and the reign of the Moshiach with peace for all

I seek for inner wisdom as I learn from your leaders and enjoy every chance to eat from their knowledge and insight

Like many who participated in Geula Gatherings around the world, Boshoff understands that this is not the end. “The Geula [Gathering on February 26] for me personally is only just the starting point towards the complete redemption. As I feel the Jewish women taking hands in a strong force, I realize there is something greater, something worldwide, something moving, something about to happen.

“And it will not be by the hand of men, but by the power and strength of the hand of HaShem and His presence will be felt all over the world,” she concluded definitively.

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