Israeli Report Shows Vast Ties Between Terror and BDS Organizations

February 5, 2019

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A new report by Israel’s Ministry for Strategic Affairs examined 13 international BDS organizations and discovered that senior positions were held by 30 terrorism activists — 20 of whom who had actually spent time in prison for their crimes, including murder.

Conducted by the research division at the behest of Minister Gilad Erdan, the report “Terrorists in Suits” found that Hamas and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine activists had infiltrated organizations that call for the boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel. It also determined that global interconnections between BDS and terrorist organizations were vast, with more than 100 connections being identified.

The organizations raise millions of euros a year from European countries and charitable foundations, and take advantage of high-level banking and financial platforms.

Convicted terrorists have reportedly tried to keep a low profile, but terror organizations view BDS activists as important resources in their war against the Jewish state.

According to Ynet, crowdfunding site DonorBox has blocked the Palestinian BDS National Committee from using its platform to collect donations since the report was issued. PNC views itself as the worldwide leader of the BDS movement.

The report noted that PFLP terrorist Shawan Jabarin, head of the al-Haq “human rights” organization, is a convicted terrorists who now presents himself as a human-rights advocate and raises funds for BDS activities in Europe.

Leila Khaled, a PFLP terrorist who helped hijack a TWA airliner in 1969 and attempted to hijack an Israeli El Al plane in 1980, raises money for BDS while maintaining close connections to other convicted terrorists, including Mustafa Awad, who was sentenced to a year in prison in July for maintaining contact with Hezbollah and membership in a terror organization.

“The terrorist and boycott organizations are united in their goal of destroying Israel, and see de-legitimization and boycotts against Israel as a complementary means to the armed struggle,” said Erdan. “I expect that following the exposure of the ties between the boycott organizations and the terrorist organizations, the European Union and the sponsoring countries will reconsider their steps regarding the legitimacy and funding they grant BDS organizations.”

The report will be sent to world and business leaders in several languages.

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