The Spiritual Importance of Aligning With Zion

January 10, 2019

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Most people think that ancient Biblical Jerusalem is within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. As a result, Christians commonly stand on the ramparts of the Old City’s walls and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Upon your walls, O Yerushalayim, I have set watchmen, Who shall never be silent By day or by night. O you, Hashem‘s remembrancers Take no rest Isaiah 62:6

According to AnaRina Heymann, Director of Align With Zion, these well-intentioned prayers are being recited on the wrong walls.

The true location of ancient Biblical Jerusalem is not the Old City, whose walls, built by Suleiman during Ottoman Empire, are only 450 years old. Rather, it is the City of David, which lies on the southern slope of the Temple Mount.

“For 1000 years, we forgot where ancient Jerusalem was. Now there is a reawakening,” Heymann told Breaking Israel News.

She emphasized that the traditional Jewish understanding – that what happens in the physical world has implications in the spiritual world – is true many times over for Jerusalem. Thus, when British archeologist General Sir Charles Warren discovered the true location of ancient Biblical Jerusalem 150 years ago, things began to shift.

“The spiritual is dependent on the material. What happens in Israel physically and materially has a spiritual impact,” she elaborated.

Heymann established Align With Zion just a few months ago in order to help people connect with the true spiritual power of Zion. And it all starts with understanding where Zion actually is.

She quoted Psalms to make the point that,  “Zion is both the Temple Mount and the Lower City (meaning the City of David).”

Yerushalayim built up, a city knit together, Psalms 122:3

This united territory, the “city knit together” in King David’s language, must include both the Temple Mount, which represents worship, and the City of David, which represents daily life. “They need to go together,” she emphasized.

“Jewish Sages also explain this verse as referring to the earthly Jerusalem and the heavenly Jerusalem being knit together. So we have both a horizontal [Temple Mount and City of David] and a vertical [earthly Jerusalem and heavenly Jerusalem] interpretation of this verse.”

Heymann has two interconnected goals for Align With Zion. First, she wants people to understand where Zion actually is. “People come from all over the world and think they are seeing ancient Biblical Jerusalem. What a shame to travel thousands of kilometers and to miss it by a few meters. People need to come to the correct physical location of Zion, which is the Temple Mount and the City of David,” she emphasized.

But more importantly, she wants people to connect to the energy of Jerusalem, of Zion. She explained that a person can benefit from the spiritual power of Jerusalem even if they are not able to visit the city themselves. Doing so, Heymann said, “Brings a blessing on you. Pray for the shalom of Jerusalem. Not just for peace, but for the wholeness of Jerusalem. For your sake and your family’s sake.

“The core message for me is that people need to acknowledge the importance that the physical, earthly Jerusalem plays in God’s plan for redemption, to understand its true location and then to take the active step to align with that nucleus.”

Further, she elaborated, “If you want to focus on Jerusalem, you want to do it in the correct way. You have to make a paradigm shift. If you want more efficiency in your prayer life, and to align with what God is actually doing right now, you need to focus on Jerusalem.

“For 1,000 years, we didn’t know the true location. It takes time for people to understand and embrace this new understanding.”

Although the City of David was rediscovered 150 years ago and became accessible after the Six Day War in 1967, it wasn’t always safe to visit. Over the past 29 years, there have been ongoing excavations at the site, the most significant of which have been in the last 10 years. Along with these significant new discoveries, tourist visits have increased significantly over the same period of time.

“Now they’re exposing the blueprint of the city itself from the foundation upward. The City of David is on the upswing,” she declared.

“Now that it’s being revealed, you have to realign with ancient Biblical Jerusalem.”

AnaRina Heymann (Credit: Breaking Israel News)

When tour groups come to Israel, Heymann is available to speak to them in their hotel, explaining the spiritual significance of Jerusalem and how it impacts one’spersonal life.

Aware that not everyone can come to Israel and visit the City of David for themselves, Heymann offers another means to access the spirit of Zion. She commissioned a sofer (Jewish scribe) to create parchments with the word Zion spelled in bold Hebrew letters.

“When you hang this parchment, created by a Jewish scribe in Jerusalem, on the wall in your home that faces Jerusalem, you align yourself, physically and spiritually, with Jerusalem. You are connecting yourself with something that was written in Jerusalem by [an expert scribe]. The parchment is an aid to help you focus you constantly towards Zion,” she explained.

Heymann would like to see “a scroll in every house that’s serious about Zion. Put it in your house so it can pull you back. Realign yourself, mobilize yourself to move more effectively in every area of your life.

“Jerusalem is a spiritual gateway where all prayers go up,” Heymann stated. “That’s why the Jewish people pray towards Jerusalem.

“It’s written in Psalms that every soul was born in Jerusalem.”

Indeed, it shall be said of Tzion, “Every man was born there.” He, the Most High, will preserve it. Psalms 87:5

“Our primordial root lies in Jerusalem. Adam was formed from the adama [soil] of the altar. That’s why the Nations will come. It will stir in their hearts [the feeling] that ‘I have to come back.’”

“The more that we uncover the essence of the physical Jerusalem, that light grows. It’s not just opening up stones. The material reverberates spiritually. Opening up Jerusalem, the voice comes out from the city to Hashem. The time has come that we can tap into it. The connection is becoming stronger. And people want to do it correctly.”

During the long exile, facing Jerusalem was a reminder to the Jewish people of the glory of David’s capital. Today, Jerusalem symbolizes the End of Days, as the City of David will again take her rightful place, as in the days of old.

“The whole focus will turn to this place. We have to garner every understanding of prayer to be directed to Zion. It’s an indirect but powerful way to stand up against BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] and antisemitism.

“For people to focus on Zion is a massive step forward in the redemption process,” Heymann concluded.

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