‘On This Day,’ Queen of Sheba Visits King Solomon in Jerusalem

December 12, 2018

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The Queen of Sheba heard of Shlomo’s fame, and came to Yerushalayim to test Shlomo with hard questions, accompanied by a very large retinue, including camels bearing spices, a great quantity of gold, and precious stones. When she came to Shlomo, she spoke to him of all that she had on her mind. Divrei Hayamim II (II Chronicles) 9:1

ּומַ לְ כַ ת־ׁשְ בָ א ׁשָ מְ עָ ה אֶ ת־ׁשֵ מַ ע ׁשְ ֹלמֹה וַ תָ בֹוא לְ נַּסֹות אֶ ת־ׁשְ ֹלמֹה בְ חִ ידֹות ב ִ ירּוׁשָ לַ ים ב ְ חַ יִל כָ בֵ ד מְ אֹד ּוגְ מַ לִ ים נֹש ְ אִ ים ְבשָ מִ ים וְ זָהָ ב לָ רֹב וְ אֶ בֶ ן יְקָ רָ ה וַ תָ בֹוא אֶ ל־ׁשְ ֹלמֹה וַ ת ְ דַ בֵ ר עִ ּמֹו אֵ ת כָ ל־אֲ ׁשֶ ר הָ יָה עִ ם־לְ בָ בָ ּה׃

u-mal-kat sh’-VA sha-m’-AH et SHAY-ma sh’-lo-MOH va-ta-VO l’-na-SOT et sh’-lo-MOH v’-khee-DOT bee-ru-sha-LA-im b’-KHA-yil ka-VAYD m’-OD ug-ma-LEEM no-s’-EEM b’-saMEEM v’-za-HAV la-ROV v’-E-ven y’-ka-RAH va-ta-VO el sh’-lo-MOH va-t’-da-BAYR i-MO AYT kol a-SHER ha-YAH im l’-va-VAH

King Shlomo’s reign can be described as the glory days of the Kingdom of Israel. Shlomo creates a kingdom that is characterized by peace and security, wealth and prosperity, wisdom and knowledge, justice and righteousness, spiritual devotion and international recognition. One of Shlomo’s goals in building the Beit Hamikdash is for the gentile nations of the world to also come to recognize the greatness and oneness of God, as he says “Thus all the peoples of the earth will know Your name and revere You, as does Your people Yisrael” (6:33). Perhaps this is why Shlomo made a point of making his kingdom so grand and establishing political connections and alliances. Indeed, in addition to his renowned reputation and vast impact, he succeeds in his mission to spread recognition of God, as demonstrated by the Queen of Sheba’s visit. She is so impressed with Shlomo and his kingdom, yet her reaction to her visit is, “Blessed is Hashem your God, who favored you and set you on His throne as a king before Hashem” (verse 8). The Nation of Israel continues to be charged with the same mission of spreading God’s great name and His Oneness throughout the entire world.

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