The 2nd Conquest

November 8, 2018

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And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers…

Malachi 4:6

One of the key scriptures in identifying the Messianic era is Malachi’s prophecy regarding the return of Elijah. Elijah is expected to forerun the Moshiach and fulfill the prophecy of; “…turning the heart of the children to their fathers”. [1]

There is today a miraculous and unique new generation of children in Israel, the first to have been born in freedom in nearly two millennia. There are more people studying and able to live Torah by being back in the land in Israel, than any generation in history. Though the rebuilding of Israel these past seventy years has been phenomenal, the situation today bears an uncanny similarity to what Joshua spoke of at the close of his life; “…there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed”.[2]

The commands which G_d spoke to Moses at Sinai are immutable, regardless of circumstances. In Num 33:51-53 we read of how the forefathers of Israel were to possess the land they were given by God. Complete unobstructed sovereignty is incumbent upon every generation, just as it is today. The prophetic children of this new generation living in Israel today, must follow in the footsteps of their forefathers that fought and possessed the Promised Land some 3,300 years ago. And yet vast portions of land in Israel are as yet uninhabited.

This new generation of children rising in Israel are not only zealous to live faithful to the Word of God, but are also a driving force to claim and settle the land. Sovereignty affects both the natural and spiritual. There is an inseparable link connecting the settlement of the land – with spiritual restoration in Israel.

Many of this new generation of Israeli’s who are intent on claiming the land, are the same spiritual people who rally behind restoration of the Temple. Their firm conviction is the complete and full restoration of all scriptures. A new form of vibrant Zionism is evident in Israel today which seeks to possess and apply sovereignty to ALL the land.

Sovereignty is not merely political. Though sovereignty has political ramifications, in the nation of Israel it is actually a spiritual virtue. This is because Israel is the only nation on earth where the government is under a biblical decree to govern by the scriptures. Israel’s government has the responsibility and obligation to serve G_d and the people within the perimeters and commands given by G_d to Moses.

And therein lays the heart of the battle today. Secular and liberal Jews loath a complete spiritual restoration with the Temple at its centerpiece, as this equates to the restrictions of Torah observance. One can read on the Am Yisrael Chai foundation website; “With painful levels of intermarriage and assimilation in almost all Jewish communities worldwide, connecting to the Land of Israel and Jewish identity through observant Zionism has never been more important.”

Though Judea and Samaria along with the Temple Mount are actually all under Israeli military and government control, the disarray in politics prevents Israeli sovereignty from being implemented. Though the economic, military and social infrastructure in Israel has advanced amazingly in these years, sadly…Jews in Israel today are not much more than spiritual refugees or orphans, being alienated from the Shekinah presence of God without sovereignty on the Temple Mount and the restored Temple.

To compound matters in this spiritual battle, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel even forbids Jews from ascending the Temple Mount. (This sign is posted at the entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.) The Jews who do ascend to pray, sing or worship in their most hallowed place, are promptly arrested by Israeli Police.

It must be asked: Are those of this new generation who are engaged in this epic battle for spiritual sovereignty and possession, doing so under the long awaited anointing of Elijah? Could this be the spirit of Elijah empowering a new prophetic generation in fulfillment of the initial steps of prophecy where the hearts of the children – are turned to the generation of their forefathers who first possessed the land?  It has every appearance of being so!

Pictured here are some of the 1,300 Israeli youth from across Israel. They gathered this spring in the heart of Jerusalem at Hechal Shlomo, for the first ever Sovereignty Conference for youth.

These fervent young people, along with many others – are taking their message of faith to the streets, shops, billboards and synagogues in an ongoing campaign to promote the vision of biblical sovereignty in Jewish consciousness. This message is slowly but surely inspiring the Israeli public and the parliamentary steps needed to promote legislation applying sovereignty.

Just like their forefathers before, the children of this new generation face great opposition to possessing the land. There is a great urgency for those who confess a Judeo-Christian heritage and faith, to stand with our counterparts in Israel who are earnestly seeking to fulfill the will of God. As the Christian, Dutch resistance fighter, Corrie Ten Boom, who sheltered Jews from the Nazis in Holland said; “You cannot love God, without loving the Jewish people”. The two are inseparable.

[1] Malachi 4:6
[1] Joshua 13:1

The author is founder of Christians For The Temple; 

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