Daily Inspiration: Noach and His Family Left the Ark

November 8, 2018

2 min read

But the dove could not find a resting place for its foot, and returned to him to the ark, for there was water over all the earth. So putting out his hand, he took it into the ark with him.

וְ לֹא־מָ צְ אָ ה הַ ּיֹונָה מָ נֹוחַ לְ כַ ף־רַ גְ לָ ּה וַ ּתָ ׁשָ ב אֵ לָ יו אֶ ל־הַ ּתֵ בָ ה ּכִ י־מַ יִם עַ ל־ּפְ נֵי כָ ל־
הָ אָ רֶ ץ וַ ּיִ ׁשְ לַ ח יָדֹו וַ ּיִּקָ חֶ הָ וַ ּיָבֵ א אֹתָ ּה אֵ לָ יו אֶ ל־הַ ּתֵ בָ ה׃

v’-lo ma-tz’-AH ha-yo-NAH ma-NO-akh l’-khaf rag-LAH va-TA-shov ay-LAV el ha-tay-VAH kee MA-yim al p’-NAY khol ha-A-retz va-yish-LAKH ya-DO va-yi-kaKHE-ha va-ya-VAY o-TAH ay-LAV el ha-tay-VAH

Throughout Talmudic literature, the Jewish people are compared to the dove. Once a dove meets her mate, she never leaves him for another. And a dove, even when her offspring are taken, will never abandon her nest. In a similar fashion, B’nei Yisrael are faithful to God. The Sages of the Midrash comment that the dove that Noach sent foreshadows the journey of the Jewish people throughout history. Just as the dove found no rest for the sole of its foot, so the Jews will find no solace in exile. Just as the dove returned to the ark seeking shelter, so the Jews will return from exile to the Land of Israel. Like Noach’s dove, the people have remained faithful to Hashem, and now, after thousands of years of absence, have returned to His land.

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