Does Daycare Matter?

October 23, 2018

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Following requests from residents of Kiryat Bialik in northern Israel, bridging the enire range of Jewish observance, Colel Chabad charity organization inaugurated another state-of-the-art daycare center in the city. With great devotion and investment, the new center joins Colel Chabad’s network of well respected educational facilities located throughout Israel.

Menachem Cohen, Director of Communications for Colel Chabad, told Breaking Israel News that Judaism considers education, starting at birth, to be of the utmost importance. “Colel Chabad daycare centers provide educational services from the beginning of life, as the Bible teaches that the soul of a child must be nurtured, even from conception. In addition, our centers accept everyone, whether religious or not, as everyone deserves the best for their child.”

The well-attended festive inauguration ceremony was graced with the presence of the city’s mayor, Mr. Eli Dukorsky, a longtime friend of Chabad. Dukorsky said at the event that he was joyful for Colel Chabad’s newest endeavor and congratulated the distinguished donors, including the Fruchter family from Belgium, who donated the building in memory of Mrs. Fruchter’s parents. Other donors included the Miralsoili family.

Colel Chabad representative, Rabbi Mendy Blau, spoke of the dedication of the donors toward Jewish education. He said that those who support Jewish education in the Holy Land understand the great importance of establishing educational projects that raise the future generation in the land of Israel with devotion and care.

Rabbi Moshe Orechman, emissary for the Chief Rabbi of the area, spoke with excitement about the new daycare center. He mentioned Rabbi Sholom Duchman, the Director of Colel Chabad, as a person who works with great energy to establish an increasing number of educational and charity projects throughout Israel.

The new center will educate about 70 children from ages 0-3.5 years old. A great deal of effort has been invested to ensure safe and quality equipment in a beautiful atmosphere. Colel Chabad centers are known for their warm, loving and respectful staff and the excellent physical care each child receives, which includes nutritious and healthy kosher meals along with their Jewish education.

Israel’s birth rate is one of the highest in the developed world, with the average household having at least three children. Though the government subsidizes daycare, most centers are filled to capacity making the need for quality child care a pressing issue.

Colel Chabad, Israel’s oldest continuously operating charity organization, has taken upon itself to ease this challenge by raising funds for daycare centers in the Holy Land. Though the organization has a wide network of welfare programs, one of their prime projects is helping single-parent families. Having a trusted place for working parents to leave their children is crucial to their success in being able to support their families.

The key to survival for many families, especially those without a father and where the mother must go to work, is for parents to know that there is a caring place for their child,” said Rabbi Mendel Lieberman, organizer of activities for Colel Chabad, told Breaking Israel News. “In Judaism, we believe that the most crucial years for a child to develop a good character is from birth until three years of age. That is what we strive to achieve in our daycare centers.”

Israel’s governmental organizations consistently rate Colel Chabad daycare centers with the highest evaluations, recognizing that the organization strives to meet the physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs of every child from every walk of life who attends their schools.

Last year, Knesset member Uri Maklev (UTJ) stated that supporting daycare centers is an investment in Israel’s future, as well as the success of women in the workforce.

“These daycare centers will make it easier for women to leave home and find work, reduce [economic] gaps, and improve Israel’s economy,” he said. “Not building daycare centers in Israel causes harm to the public and to the state.”

Colel Chabad charity organization takes this responsibility seriously by continuing to build daycare centers throughout Israel. Early childhood education is the key, not only to the survival of many families, especially in single-parent homes, but also to the survival of Judaism. Providing children with proper daycare gives children a healthy and inspiring start for the rest of their lives.

The Kiryat Bialik daycare center began operating on October 21 and is supervised by the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services.

To donate to Colel Chabad, please visit here.

Written in cooperation with Colel Chabad.

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