Your Hebrew Horoscope: Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding What the Stars Say About YOU

October 16, 2018

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According to the kabbalah (the ancient Jewish mysticism), Hebrew birthdays have the potential to be used as a roadmap for personal transformation and self-development. Within the Jewish calendar, each month and day of the week contains within it a mazal (good fortune or constellation) that can affect one’s potential.

As Jewish tradition teaches that one’s potential is great on a Hebrew birthday, it is vital to understand the mazal attributes of one’s birthday to harness its potential.

As opposed to a Gregorian birthday, the power of a Hebrew birthday carries the weight of Biblical mitzvot (commandments) behind it – establishing a Jewish calendar was the first commandment given to the Jewish people by God. As the fulfillment of commandments are largely intended to bring one closer to God, improve one’s character and benefit the society in which one lives, celebrating a Hebrew birthday also has the unique ability to achieve these objectives.

The following guide offers advice based on Jewish mysticism, however, Jewish tradition also warns that as much as there is meaning in the constellations and signs, ein mazal l’Yisrael, there is no governing constellation over the Jewish people.

According to Shifra Sharfstein, Jewish educator and expert in tapping into the power of kabbalah, “God controls the constellations and because we have the ability to connect with God, we are able to break past the rules of nature.”

The constellations, as an external façade for the deep power that God invests in this world, are thus powerful and meaningful.

Follow this step-by-step Hebrew horoscope guide:

Step 1: Find out your Hebrew date of birth. Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, director of Ohr Chadash: New Horizons in Jewish Experience explains that one’s birthday can influence the nature of human beings – and interacting with the significance of the date on the Hebrew calendar can also affect one’s potential and the way one interacts with his or her environment.

Step 2: Note the day of the week you were born and its associated attribute, according to and Shifra Sharfstein’s lessons on the impact that the Zodiac has on you and how your birthday affects your character. Each attribute has a strong connection with what was created during that day of creation, including Shabbat as its own unique creation. Sharfstein adds a disclaimer to these attributes, noting that many other factors can affect one’s tendencies, including one’s individual life experiences, month, time and place of birth. In addition, with a strong connection to the creator, one can “bypass the system.” After all, after every day of creation, God said, “It was good.” Thus, each attribute can be used for the betterment of an individual if directed properly.

After discovering one’s personality attributes, it is recommended to think about the application of these attributes in one’s life and how one might channel them in a positive manner.


Attribute: Completely virtuous or completely evil

Creation: Light and Dark



Attribute: Bad tempered

Creation: Division of waters



Attribute: Wealthy

Creation: Vegetation



Attribute: Wise, retentive memory

Creation: Luminaries



Attribute: Practice benevolence

Creation: Fish and Birds



Attribute: Seeker (of good deeds)

Creation: Animals and man



Attribute: Great and Holy

Creation: Completion/Rest

Step 3: Take note of your Jewish horoscope below, based on the formation of the stars created by God. You may notice that your Hebrew zodiac is different than your traditional zodiac, which is normal. For example, if your Hebrew birthday were the 7th of Cheshvan (which falls this year on October 16th on the Gregorian calendar), your Gregorian zodiac would be Libra, while your Hebrew zodiac would be Scorpio.

Also note any occurrences in the Jewish calendar to seek lessons from them – kabbalah holds that the energy of a particular day is created when something happens for the first time. Be it an auspicious, infamous event or a celebrated, personal event, an energy is created and one can re-experience those energies on the same day of the Hebrew calendar each year. So just as Jews around the world observe and tap into the energy of Tisha B’Av, Rosh Hashanah, the first night of Passover – or any other day in the Jewish calendar – so too should one tap into the month of his or her Hebrew birthday, a day that has the ability to affect one’s potential. Through these energies and following recommendations, you can begin to tap into the energy of your Hebrew birthday.


Zodiac: Aries

Mazal: Lamb

Attribute: Generous and warm but also quick to pick a fight

Jewish Calendar occurrence and recommendation: Nissan represents the birth of the Jewish people and the miracle of creation. One born in Nissan, can therefore tap into his or her innate energy to create and transform.



Zodiac: Taurus

Mazal: Ox

Attribute: Warm and infused with goodness, an individual, but also stubbornness

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Iyar represents slow and steady growth between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot – a maturation in preparation for the receiving of the Torah. One born in Iyar, therefore has the potential to accomplish great change through consistent and invested time and effort.



Zodiac: Gemini

Mazal: Twins

Attribute: Adaptable, able to learn quickly and exchange ideas, but sometimes inconsistent and indecisive

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Sivan represents the receiving of the Torah for the Jewish people – associated with connection, bonding and building relationships. One born in Sivan has great opportunity to tap into oneness through Torah learning and creating connections in one’s relationships.  



Zodiac: Cancer

Mazal: Crab

Attribute: Beautiful appearance, strong initiative, and resourceful, but sometimes weak, violent and distrusting

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: With the breaching of Jerusalem’s walls and the breaking of Moses’ tablets following a period of idolatry, Tammuz represents the Jewish people’s need to grow and aspire spiritually – a potential energy. People born in Sivan should be aware of weak tendencies and build up strength within by visualizing a higher plane and taking the practical steps that will lead to one’s rightful place.



Zodiac: Leo

Mazal: Lion

Attribute: Dominant over others, overpowering, quick to anger, yet passionate and true to their word

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Av is known as a time of the Jewish people’s greatest tragedies, yet Kabbalah maintains that it has the potential for greatness – the Messiah will be born and on the 15th, there will be a breakthrough with the building of the Third Temple. Those born in Av should work seriously to correct what needs to be corrected within his or herself – this is the seed of the ultimate redemption.  



Zodiac: Virgo

Mazal: Virgin

Attribute: Loyal, kind and hardworking but often shy and overly critical of self and others

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Elul is dedicated to preparing for the days of judgment and atonement – a time set aside to set goals and through action, achieve them. Those born in Elul should make use of their unique ability to plan and take action.



Zodiac: Libra

Mazal: Scales

Attribute: Diplomatic, social and cooperative, but often indecisive and jumping to extremes

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Tishrei is the month of holiness – the Jewish people try to find balance before coming face to face with the creator. One born in Tishrei should focus on doing good deeds in order to create good omens for his or her years ahead.



Zodiac: Scorpio

Mazal: Scorpion

Attribute: Brave, passionate and giving but can sometimes be destructive and prone to melancholy

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Coming from the passion and inspiration of Tishrei, Cheshvan lacks Jewish holidays. But both the great flood and recovery from the great flood happened in Cheshvan – this implies the ability to recover. The third Temple will be completed in Cheshvan, destined to be a month of happiness and joy and construction over destruction. Those born in Cheshvan should work hard to channel the energy and positive experiences of the past towards a positive path.



Zodiac: Sagittarius

Mazal: Bow

Attribute: Wise and idealistic, but promises more than they can deliver and sometimes unpredictable

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: The Kislev story of Hanukkah holds that oil that should have lasted one day was found to last eight. Implanted in those who are born in this month is the spiritual energy that will allow one to do a lot with a little – like a bow, aim high to make a big impact through good deeds.



Zodiac: Capricorn

Mazal: Goat

Attribute: Brazen, responsible and disciplined, but often condescending

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: The temple, a symbol of unity, is the main focus for the month following Hannukah, a return to the Temple. Those born in Tevet have a powerful ability to unify – it is recommended to appreciate diversity within in order to trend toward unification.



Zodiac: Aquarius

Mazal: Bucket

Attribute: Generous and humble, but sometimes uncompromising

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Shevat contains the holiday of Tu B’Shevat, a new year for the trees. This month is associated with water vessels, Torah and the Jewish people. Those born in Shevat have a unique potential to give – direct this desire to give to others in a directed and focused way for maximum positive impact.


Zodiac: Pisces

Mazal: Fish

Attribute: Full of life, powerful, good looking but can turn quickly to anger, fear and sadness

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Adar is a month of transformation from one opposite to another – Haman’s deadly decree did not come to fruition and Moses was both born and died in Adar. Those born in Adar can trend toward great fortune if he or she can properly transform obstacles into opportunities.

Step 3: After learning more about the attributes and powers of the month in which you were born, introspect about how the attributes of your birth month might have an effect on your personality. Begin to learn more about the energy of each month, based on the notable occurrences in Jewish history.

With 5779 years in the Hebrew calendar to date, there is nearly endless material to learn, but one can find overviews of the occurences of each month of the Hebrew calendar to better understand into which energies one might be able to tap.

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