Jerusalem Concert: Joining Voices of 70 Nations to Heal World

July 24, 2018

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In a manner that is meant to prepare the entire planet for receiving God on the Jewish New Year, a concert is due to be held in six weeks on the eve of the anniversary of the world’s creation, bringing together people from around the world to focus on Jerusalem.

The nascent Sanhedrin and the Mikdash (Temple) Educational Center are organizing the World Creation Concert due to be held on September 3 at the Jerusalem Archaeological Park – Davidson Center and the Hulda gates adjacent to the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem. September 3 correlates to the eve of the 23rd day of the Hebrew month of Elul which, according to Seder Olam Rabba written by Rabbi Yose Ben Halafta in the 2nd Century CE, is the anniversary of the eve of the first day of creation, 5779 years ago. When Adam and Eve were created six days later, it was on the first day of Tishrei – Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year.

“We have arranged it so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can join in,” Mordechai Persoff who established the Mikdash Educational Center, told Breaking Israel News. “According to Jewish tradition, creation began at the even shtiya (foundation stone), the stone in the heart of the Jewish Temple that stood on the Temple Mount. This is the lowest common denominator, the time and the place that everything in creation has in common. We will all join together in song in a way that transcends religion and nationality, praising our Creator.”

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the Sanhedrin, initially conceived of the concert as a way to heal the world from the multitude of today’s global threats. As such, he has extended invitations to representatives from every nation including the Arab world and several people who would represent Iran.

“It is important that we transcend all borders and all boundaries in order to join everyone together in a universal prayer,” Rabbi Weiss said to Breaking Israel News. “This is not religious: it transcends religion.”

“For perhaps the first time in history, there are multiple threats that stand ready to end all of life and all of creation: the climate, earthquakes and volcanoes, wars that can destroy the world in a few moments,” Rabbi Weiss said. “This is precisely the time and place to bring everyone together in one song praising God. Jerusalem, whose name contains [the word] peace, is the only place this can happen. Every element in the Temple has a counterpart in creation and prayer at the Temple sustained creation. It was a House of Prayer for all Nations and since the Temple has been lacking, all of creation has suffered.”

In a manner reminiscent of the Jewish Temple, prayer will be segregated by gender with women and men praying separately.

Persoff suggested an image that illustrates how the concert could improve what he calls “global health.”

“It’s like a heart that is at the very center and when it is healthy, it sends this out to the entire body,” Persoff said. “Jerusalem has been covered in a diseased layer of lies and conflict. This is going to fix that, fix the heart and heal the world.”

The concert is quickly gathering interest from unexpected sources. Juan Orlando Hernández, the President of Honduras, has committed to attending the event. Marcos Yax, deputy of the congress of Guatemala, will represent his country at the event. While discussing it with Rabbi Weiss, he became very excited when they discussed the prospect of the Mayans singing praises to God from the mountains of his country as a unique part of this universal effort.

To facilitate the universal aspect of the concert, the organizers have arranged several different manners for people to participate. A limited number of tickets are available to attend in person. Several television stations around the world will broadcast the event live. If this is unavailable, people can obtain a link to the live broadcast for a small fee on the concert’s website.

But the most interesting option is available free of charge. People can sign up to be what the organizers refer to as “Points of Praise.” Individuals and organizations can sign up as representatives of a local group of like-minded friends and families who will gather and watch the live broadcast together online. Their goal is simply to have God be praised by all nations around the world.

Pastor David Decker, is an Evangelical Christian who has lived in Israel continuously since 1980, was appointed to organize the North American Points of Praise.

“This is an opportunity for all the nations to bring their unique rhythms and melodies together in harmony, with the Nation of Israel serving as the choirmaster,” Decker told Breaking Israel News. “The reaction has been overwhelming. Not only have several politicians reserved seats but Christian leaders have contacted us.”

He has already set up several dozen Points. People who are interested in setting up a Point of Praise need to contact Decker via the website.

“We need to connect with everyone to ensure there will be no attempts to pervert the event, to make a disgrace or try to turn it into an opportunity to proselytize or promote a specific religious belief,” Decker said. “Since the connection with the points will be two-way, we request that each person shows up identifying with the flag of their nation, as a representative of their nation, and not as a representative of their religion. To ensure this, I need to connect with each group personally.”

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